Prevent headphone line-out muting amp speakers (Vox Pathfinder 10B)

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  1. MrBoy


    Jan 20, 2017
    Make headphone jack non-muting?

    This was discussed already for this specific amp in the above link but I'm asking specifically regarding my amp. The main speaker is disabled almost the moment I start putting the jack into the line-out socket, so I'm unsure if it's a physical switch or the jack itself is closing the circuit.

    I don't know if the schematics are available online but if anyone knows how I can explore this, please share! e.g. tests I can do.

    I took the back off and the jack socket has 3 'rings' each sprung in turn as the jack is inserted, so it has a triple hold on the jack. The jack socket is mounted on the main circuit board and I can't see underneath how it's wired up.

  2. BassmanPaul

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    The switching is done by the socket. You cannot change this unless you take your amp apart’ I would advise against messing with the circuitry.