problems when doing a scarf joint, need help!

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  1. Hello! Today I've sawed a scarf joint, 13 degrees in my laminated maple neck.. almost perfect but this little bastard' the table saw ate..

    as far as I know my options is..

    1. fill this upp with some kinda wood filler/wood flake/veneer and glue, and sand it down

    2. saw a new cut, so I get a clean surface.. the problem is that the wood piece is so small that it will need a lot of fingerspitzengefühl to not saw my fingers of, but I think it can be done..

    do you have any suggestions??
    here can you see me and my jig.. to be able to saw a new cut its not that much room for my fingers to hold the piece against the jig
  2. Rickett Customs

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    Jul 30, 2007
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    Re-cut, or block sand it down. A finer toothed blade might be good too (IMO, IME)
  3. Manton Customs

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    I personally would use a plane to get it even, but if you're not familiar with using one, block sanding will get you there with patience. Just make sure you keep it flat and even. Another option would be to build a simple router jig to tidy it up, that's how I used to do my scarf joints (with jig) until I realised I could get it done quicker with a handplane (and have some fun making pretty shavings :bag:)
  4. JustForSport


    Nov 17, 2011
    Line up the sides, along with the fingerboard side and clamp 'em/ glue 'em together. After they're set well, saw the angle you want thru the prev glued cut (now you have plenty mat'l to hold onto).
    Be sure to make it straight- use a jig/ fixture to assure a straight cut: they will then match.