Prometeus 12-String Extended Range Bass

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  1. Infiniti


    Jan 4, 2015
    Hey guys,

    I've been pondering for over a year now whether I should get a 12 string bass. Not a double or triple coursed but 12 individual strings. I love bassists like Jean Baudin and Scott Fernandez and I also love their guitars, so I looked around and found Prometeus. It's an Italian, one man company who make fairly well priced custom ERBs and I've been in contact with Prometeus and they said that a 12 string would cost around £1,700-£2000. Compared to companies like Conklin and Pratt, this is extremely cheaper and so I wondered if anyone knew about Prometeus and if they could shed some light on their basses. I'd be getting an Ahab Singlecut body by the way.

  2. mark roberts

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    Nov 13, 2004
    Lawrence, KS
    Have you played these VERY extended range basses before? They are remarkable and give incredible opportunities for creative expression. However, the player must take extreme care to employ proper ergonomics when playing. Be absolutely sure a flat fretboard is appropriate vs. one with a radius. From what I've seen regarding Prometeus ERB creations, a flat fretboard is standard. I'm speaking from experience here. For me, a flat fret board did not work and ended up exacerbating left-hand (I'm a right-y player w/previous RB experience to 9 and 10 strings) thumb issues to the point of permanent, but manageable thumb joint connective tissue damage. This is not Prometeus, this was a different luthier. I'm very well aware of all of the positioning necessities for a bassist, whether 4 string or beyond. Flat fretboard radius simply does not work for me. Please take the time to evaluate your current basses and their fretboard radius', know that a reputable luthier can extrapolate what would be an appropriate radius based upon your current experience. Be safe and do not damage you in this experience.
  3. Does anyone have any experiences with Prometeus basses in general (like 4 or 5 string ones!) that they can share? There isn't much out there about these interesting instruments.