Question: Box overload??

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    Aug 10, 2011
    Dear Bass-colleagues,
    I have a Gallien Krueger MB 200 which features 140W at 8 Ohm.
    I have just bought an EBS Neo Cabinet 112 which has a Power Rating of 300 W RMS (all values from the respective home pages).
    So now I think I should be able to turn up the amp all the way when I plug in my Fender Jazz passive bass and the box should be able to handle it, but this is not the case.
    It works and sounds fine up until half way up the volume (all equalizer positions neutral). It is possible until about 60% up. The the lower E-string gets muddy, especially up until 5th position.
    So now I wonder - is the box okay?
    Am I wrong with my idea that I should be able to crank up the volume 100%?
    Any help here?
    Best regards and thanks in advance
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    Unfortunately, the wattage ratings (for both amp and cab) are just an approximate suggestion, not a real value. All of their wattage capabilities change dramatically depending on the frequencies going through the system.

    Additionally, the wattage rating on the cab is how much it can handle before the speaker actually burns up--but it will start to sound bad long, long before it breaks. This is true with almost any cab, but it is especially prominently true with compact cabs and inexpensive cabs. The reason is that the manufacturer will use a speaker that is rated for 300 W (for example), and then put it in a cab box that is so inefficient that the speaker cannot perform up to its spec. But then the cab maker gives the cab a 300 W rating, because after all that's what the speaker company said.
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    +1 to ALL that^.
  4. Lets also not forget that knob position means absolutely nothing.

    The OP could very well be putting out close to full power even at "60%".
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    Probably. Power ratings don't say how much power the cab can actually use.
    Totally wrong. Not only will most cabs not take anywhere near their full power rating before distortion, most amps will clip at well below the 'full' position of the volume controls. That has to do with the amp gain structure (google it) and the fact that the volume control position bears no relationship with how much power the amp is producing.