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Questions for Clarus doublers...

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by Arnold, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Howdy,
    After reading the last post on speaker questions for the Clarus, I have some others that perhaps you all might be able to address. I'm looking for a doubling amp. I was considering the Raven-Labs 2 channel blender as a great small thing to carry around NYC, and plug into all of those "great" amps in this town. After reading these posts it occured to me that the Clarus could do the same thing with the preamp out going to the power amp of the house system, and also use the DI on the clarus for a one output blended sound. Of course I would then have a cool clarus to use on gigs without a house amp (I own a bunch of Aguilar cabs for electric), which seems to me like a good thing. Also, which inputs do you use for which bass, I think I'll be switching over to the realist pickup any day now, and my electrics are very "new york" instruments i.e. fenders or basses inspired by fenders, all with preamps. Thanks. ASG
  2. I can only answer the last question, as I am really new to the Clarus and don't have any gigging experience with it yet (but will very soon). I currently am going into my Raven Labs three channel DI from my K&K bass max, and taking an XLR from there to the mic channel of the Clarus. Otherwise you could either get one of those 1/4 - XLR cables or a little DI box to use that channel. If the APhex Acoustic Exciter works well for me, I will use that instead of the Raven, or get another small DI box (I don't need the three channel preamp anymore!). I run the electric into the other channel - still not sure on whether the high or low input works best for me. One thing of note is that there is no mute button on the amp itself - you either need to turn down the channel, turn down the bass, or mute it another way. Even something as small as the Clarus seems like overkill (to me) as a glorified DI, but not my much. Especially since you would get the added benefit of being able to use the same amp to drive cabs, and would be very familiar with the sound and settings you like.

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