Radial Passive DI: Pro vs JDI

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  1. Just wondering what the real world gigging differences are between the Radial JDI and Pro DI? Apart from the real Jensen in the JDI and the "Jensenesque" transformer in the Pro.

    The price difference is considerable, especially for something I'll only use occasionally.
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    I've not used either myself, but from what I gather the general consensus is JDI for optimal recording performance, but the Pro DI is perfectly adequate for gigging and still pretty good for recording.

    Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth has a Pro DI on her pedalboard, I'm sure she could afford a JDI if she really wanted to. If it's good enough for Kim, it's good enough for me ;)
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    I had problems with the pro DI.
    Distorts easily. If you get one , always leave the pad on.

    The JDI is another class , really.....
  4. I've heard really good things about the DBX DB10. From what I've heard, it's as good as the JDI, but you can get one for about $80 new.
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    My buddy just did a comparison between the JDI, J48, Demeter rack unit, and Bassbone. He is a pro, tours with an international act we ALL have heard of.

    He felt the Demeter and JDI were the best. Bassbone the worst. Overall, JDI is the way to go if you are going to use one live

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    I had the Pro-DI, and when compared through a couple of decent PAs, it didn't sound any better than a Behringer DI100 - and most definitely not worth the $70 price difference between those two... However, the JDI MK3 was a significant improvement over either of those two - I ended up returning the Pro-DI, and buying a JDI MK3...

    If you're looking for something cheaper than the JDI, don't waste your money on the Pro-DI - instead, I'd recommend the EWI DI boxes from Audiopile - they'll perform atleast as good as the Pro-DI, and for much less money... Truthfully, the Behringer DI100 is not a bad box...

    - georgestrings
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