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  1. Arjank


    Oct 9, 2007
    Above Amsterdam
    I own a EUB from Quest-md (master swingbass model) and liked the way it plays. I also found the sound, at least in the beginning, to be ok. But after I wanted to record a few ideas with this EUB I noticed it produced a lot of hiss and that the sound of the Fishman pickups was thin and metalic sounding.

    After a bit of search on the net I found this man who makes piezo pickups for a very attractive price. This pickup is a piezo strip that you need to mount underneeth one foot of the bridge (just like the Realist). Once I installed this pickup the sound changed from ok to superb! It really sounds like a real upright bass :)
    The damn thing only costs 59euro's (Netherlands) filmpiezo/filmpiezopickups.htm

    The pickup also works great with both my pre-amp (BBE Bmax-T) and my Bassamp a Bugera BVP5500. Both amps have a 1Mohm input for passive pickups that works excellent with the piezo-pickup(yes, it's plugged in directly without buffer pre-map) :p
  2. Ketil


    Feb 11, 2016

    I just found this pickup on the everlasting searches through the internet and have a hard time finding any sound samples from it or any reviews. This is peculiar as it is really afffordable as you state, and if it is good - why doesn't it get any recognition? I have the old Fishman BP-100 with their preamp which works fine, but is on the thin side bass wise, and the output is very low when recording. So I would be interested in hearing more experiences on this one.
    All the best