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Recording our first CD!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by slackdaddy, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. slackdaddy


    Mar 1, 2004
    Athens, GA
    Endorsing Artist: David Eden Amplifiers / Rob Wave Custom basses
    Hello All,
    I just wanted to let you know that my new band, The HEAP will be recording our first full-length CD starting tomorrow. We have 2 fantastic engineers working on it. Matt Yelton who is the FOH guy for the Pixies and Video Games Live will be lending us a hand and Bill Doss from the Apples in Stereo will be handling engineering duties as well. I am very excited about the fact that we are ready to record. When I started this band people kept asking, "Why 2 bass players?" They don't ask anymore!
    Our lineup is:
    Tenor Bass :bassist:
    Tenor Sax
    Alto Sax

    If you are interested in hearing a track we have recorded check this out:

    I would love tohear what you think of it.

    Hear are some things people have said about The HEAP:

    "HEAP funks like James Brown, slides like Dr. John, blows like Ornette Coleman and dances like an octopus. Entertaining music that has some substance. Remember, the bass is never too loud! " - Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes)

    "i dont know where the phrase "something old ,something new,something borrowed,something blue.....originally was coined...but i think it refers to the perfect artist....THE HEAP has really hit on something refreshing here ,with a brass section ,ala morphine arrangements ,and the band led by front man Bryan J Howard ,who is an amalgamatiom of Phil Lynott and Louis Armstrong on their way to a Blue Cheer concert..."horns and fuzz bass !!! are you freakin kiddin' me!! I'm having a psychedelic funk breakdown!! This is awesome"......KEVN KINNEY

    "When I heard HEAP's latest single I immediately knew that they had captured the influences of all the funk masters that had come before them. The vibe is original and funkier than anything I have heard in a long time. Long live HEAP!" Dr. Fink ( Prince and the Revolution)

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