Repairing a Korg Pitchblack

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    Jul 17, 2007
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    Hey everybody.

    I just picked up an older Korg Pitchblack for next to nothing because it quit working for the previous owner.

    The problem appears to be with the mechanical footswitch, but I don't know for sure because I have never seen a Pitchblack before. I'm basing this upon other similar switches I have seen. I've searched the database and looked on youtube, but couldn't find the answers I'm looking for. I'm not very technically minded. Can someone help with these questions:

    1) Is this switch supposed to "click" when thrown (depressed)? This one doesn't, and I think it should, but I'm not sure. Most click.
    2) The mechanical switch appears to contact an electrical switch engage by pushing a spring against the electrical switch. This apparently faulty switch extends the spring when you push on it, but then the spring retracts when pressure is removed from the spring. I think the spring is supposed to remain engaged with the electrical switch until the mechanical switch is engaged again, but I'm not sure.

    Is anyone familiar enough with these switches or their operation to help? I think I may just need to replace this mechanical switch, which shouldn't be too hard or expensive, but I would welcome some TB wisdom.

  2. scootron


    Jul 17, 2007
    Moved to Texas
    Problem solved through experimentation, trial and error.

    The answers are:

    1. This switch does not "click". It simply pushes down and comes right back up. There is a slight metallic noise, which you can hear on the youtube vids, but nothing locks into place when it operates. It simply moves a piston forward and then retracts it, which goes toward answering the second question.

    2. There is an electrical contact pad on the tuner's circuit board which turns the pedal on and off. The foot switch, when depressed, extends a small metal piston to depress the contact pad. The piston then retracts. Every time you push the foot switch, the piston extends and retracts, turning the pedal off or on. The reason I previously thought it was a spring that depressed contact pad was that the owner had reassembled the switch incorrectly, leaving out the piston, which I found in the tuner housing.

    The Pitchblack is fully assembled now, and works great. I have never used one before, and so far I am very impressed. It is very easy to read and appears to be very sensitive and accurate.
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  3. I love my pitch black..
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    I have one I got cheap because it won't run on a power supply - but it runs for months on a battery and I bought it specifically to be run that way :) . I really should see if it is an easy fix...