Replacement drivers in Marshall cab

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  1. jokerdean


    Apr 6, 2008
    Hi all, I have a Marshall 7152 cab and the speakers are not sounding the best (starting to fart on the low notes).
    It has 2x10's and 1x15, I am looking at replacing them but would anyone know how to wire them up and what ohms I would need (it's a 4 ohm cab).
    My other question is I have a spare tweeter with controller from a peavey cab, could I add that in the mix as well to give a more percussive top end.
    Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance
  2. I would guess that the 10s are both 16Ω and the 15 is an 8Ω speaker and they are all wired in parallel to give a 4Ω load. You could find out for sure by removing them and taking a look inside.
  3. jokerdean


    Apr 6, 2008
    Thanks vince, I have it to one side now so will open her up tomorrow and see what's going on in there.
    Will adding a tweeter from the peavey 210tvx change the impedance? My plan is to change the drivers (or get them repaired) and add the tweeter?
    Thanks again
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    Aug 25, 2007
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    Mixing some kind of a crossover/tweeter into a system not designed for it is just going to add complications that you simply don't need. Replace the drivers with identical ones to the ones you have installed.
  5. jokerdean


    Apr 6, 2008
    Thanks Paul, I now agree about the tweeter, I'm just going to replace what's there and not mess around with it.
    I've opened it all up and it has 2x10 at 16 ohms each and the 15 is 8 ohms. You can see the cone is bending when travelling outwards on the two 10's causing the farting, I have enquiries with Marshall about replacements but they have said they are obsolete so I am probably going to go down the route of some eminence delta's. ImageUploadedByTalkBass1376774505.408568.
  6. Eminence Delta10b, with its tiny Xmax, is an inadequate deep-bass driver.

    I own several, bought at a firesale because they suck for this use, and don't sell.
    Above 100 Hz, they really shine, and offer that wonderful 16 ohm advantage.
    Two parallel 10B combined with a compression driver and horn at 1600 Hz makes a very loud top box that uses standard 8 ohm crossovers. Nice.

    If your Marshall situation runs the 2x10 above 100 Hz (very doubtful) that would be the best use.
    However, these would far outrun the 15, and output from the 15 below 100 Hz would sound weak by comparison.

    I say doubtful, because a filter or crossover at 100 Hz is quite large and the components are very pricey.
    The 4 ohm load confirms no crossover, because all drivers are in parallel.
    You could put a HP filter on the 2x10, but it will be costly.
  7. jokerdean


    Apr 6, 2008
    Cheers Gavin, I've heard the eminence kappa is a good speaker?
  8. Kappa Pro 10a is a quality driver, very similar to Delta 10... they suck for low bass.
    These are more pricey than the stamped frame Delta, and excellent for mid-bass.
    These are 8 ohm drivers, and not suitable for a drop-in replacement for yours.