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  1. I am looking into 2 Eminence speakers to throw into this beast because 1 is blown and the other rattles or something. There is an ugly looking tear in the grill cloth and I have no idea how to fix this lol. Where do I find replacement grill cloth? I'm considering a black and red woven cloth if I can't find the original style.
    Please give me tips on replacing the cloth and possibly how to do it lol thank you all
  2. Kasino CON215

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    What is the cab?
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    Yeah, you'll get replies telling you that you don't "throw" speakers into a cab and expect it to sound good.

    The grill cloth is really the least of your worries.

    Which model and ohm speakers?

    What's the inside measurement of your cab?

    Does the cab have a port?

    Is it insulated?

    Which speakers are in it now?

    Which amp are you using it with?

    Post some full sized pics of the speakers (old and new) and inside cab.
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    Download WinISD and play around with it. That way you'll buy speakers that will work in that particular cab.
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    Or see how close your cab will accommodate your speakers.
  9. I don't have the new speakers yet but I'm considering the Eminence Beta 15s

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  10. Front view of head

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  11. Back of head

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  12. Back of cabinet (removed panel)

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  13. Air port on bottom of cab

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  14. Stone Age speakers lol

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  15. I restored an old Traynor 215 and just threw in some Beta 15As and I think they sound great. Pretty inexpensive too.

  16. That's cool... Looks like the top speaker is sealed and the bottom is ported?
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    Wasn't the stock Kasino grills black and purple striped cloth? I would think the grill cloth has been replaced at least once. But those appear to be original CTS drivers. I was in a band (1972!) that both guitar players had Kasino heads, with two 412 bottoms, while I had a Bassman, with two 115s.. I couldn't hear anything over those two bum dastards.
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    Stop being a cheap ass and buy a new cab! LOL..
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    Well, I understand his plight. The OP owns a Kasino head and would like a matching set. Would probably be a bear to find a replacement Kasino cab.