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  1. Apparently need to call back Monday lol
  2. Do you have a video demo of this on YouTube or anything? I feel like it would sound cool and help give me an idea of what I'm gonna have lol
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    Sep 14, 2010
    Beta and Delta both would work. Outperform factory drivers.
    Slightly on the budget side.

    Cb158 or kappa both are little more on higher budget.

    Only real concern is if the port is tuned to something reasonable like 40 hz.

    Some older cabinets were very high tuned and not very friendly. If you measured the internal dimentions of the cab. And likewise the height and width of the port opening and length of the port shelf. Be able to determine if the cab is tuned to a friendly number. And if not be able to add length to the shelf
  4. I can try to get something together at our next practice or show, but I live in a townhouse so I can't do anything right away.
  5. Impulsively ordered the Kappa 15lfa, only 1 to replace the blown speaker. Worst case scenario, I'll have 2 working speakers in my cabinet lol. If I decide to sell this cab I would recone the original and sell it that way, keep my new kappa and build a small enclosure for it to go with a 4x10.
    My reasoning: the Eminence will have a great low end and my vintage speaker will compensate by having a louder high end than the Kappa says it would have
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    You really want two identical speakers if they share the same space.
  7. This is only to get me by for now, I am looking into reconing the original so I can have an original vintage set. In the mean time I am also looking into a design for a single 15 cab to build that is most optimal for this Eminence Kappa 15lfa
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    Hate to be stick in the mudd. But yeah its a muddy speaker with no highend or sensitivity for what your using.

    Likwise 2 different drivers sharing same space guarantee will sound like #%×#

    Matching pair of beta or delta would work better. Even a delta will outperform a factory recone. And after parts n labor on recone just not worth it.

    I dont like being negative. Just rather see or hear with good rig.

    Sure you could build a cab later for kappa lfa.
    But straight kappa 15a is better choice for fullrange bass. Or likewise a cb158 or cast frame delta pro 15a
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    Jan 21, 2016
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  11. Oh it's a great driver, I'd also say great for bass - good excursion, good response curve, good sensitivity for its intended use. It's just a bad idea putting it in the same airspace with a much older driver that doesn't have similar excursion and response curve. Also, a heavy duty speaker with that kind of voicing isn't going to have a lot of sensitivity - but I think we'd all be surprised with how loud it could get with 100 Watts.

    Mixing drivers in the same airspace is just plain bad, you're basically asking to break the older driver.

    Also, eminence has documents for their drivers for helping to design drivers. Just figure out a cabinet that has the same internal volume, and put the ports that they say to on it somewhere and you're rocking. It'll maybe take a couple of hours and enough math knowledge to cheat on your last trig test. Luckily, I grew up in a place where I could develop fluency in both metric and American customary systems of measurement, but if you need one or the other it's not hard to find an app or online converter.