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Rick Turner Renaissance string volume question

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by AudioDwebe, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Hey guys...

    So I recently picked up a 5-string Ren and noticed that the B (and to a slighter degree the E) are quieter in volume than the rest of the strings. I didn't immediately notice this, but after a few days it sort of dawned on me that I had to play a bit harder on the B and E strings to get the same volume as the other three strings.

    I've also got a FL 4-string and on that, I notice the loudness to be even across all four strings. Even played unplugged, the loudness is equal, whereas on the 5-string, even unplugged I notice the B and E are softer in sound than the rest of the strings.

    I did a bit of research and tried adjusting the piezo, along with adding aluminum foil. Still, there seems to be no change. (I did, however, notice a piece of aluminum tape under the section of the B string when I first removed the saddle and before doing any research. I figured that might be a protective coating that accidently got left behind just that part and thought be removing it the contact would improve. Turns out I should have done research BEFORE I started messing around with stuff.)

    I tried adding aluminum (two layers) under the B and E string sections and that didn't seem to make them any louder. The last thing I tried was adjusting the pickup.

    The only two things I haven't tried yet is adding aluminum again "after" moving the piezo or some electrical take under the loud strings.


    My question to Ren 5 users is this: Do you find the volume to be approximately 85% of other strings on the B and 90% or so on the E, or do they all come out equal in loudness?

    I want to try all home remedies before taking it to a luthier. On that note, any experience luthier should be able to fix this problem, right (assuming it actually is a problem)?

    Apologize if this post difficult to read or understand.

    Thanks for your help.

    *** I forgot to mention that this Ren 5 was originally a FL which the previous owner had turned into a fretted. The quality of the work seems like it shouldn't be an issue. He told me the luthier who did this changed the nut to compensate for the frets. I initially thought that the saddle would have needed an adjustment, but after learning how a piezo works, decided the saddle probably didn't have anything to do with the volume issue. ***


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