roscoe beck bass or thunderbird??

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  1. so i'm in a rock band similar to the likes of Anberlin/30 Seconds to Mars and am looking to get another bass. i play a fender geddy lee signature right now and love it but i'm looking for another bass to either do everything the geddy lee does and more or at least be an axe i can switch to when i want to push and drive more. i love fender so i'm considering the fender roscoe beck IV for its versatility but i also like the gibson thunderbird for its strong reputation in rock. thoughts???

  2. Roy Vogt

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    The Roscoe Beck has a great sound and flexibility. More of the same as your Geddy Lee but with more options. I had a Bicentennial Thunderbird in the 70s and I was thoroughly underwhelmed by it. I'd maybe investigate getting an Epiphone Thunderbird rather than sinking serious Gibson level money into a T-Bird and also adding a P Bass or Highway 1 PJ to get that roundwounds with a pick grind if you'd like. YMMV
  3. thanks i'll look into that!
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    Not dissin' on Epi's but none of their Thunderbirds are gonna sound like a Gibson, they share no common parts, and the "standard" model is a bolt neck instrument. The Pro model will definately sound better, but it's not a Gibson. Post '88 Gibsons are nice basses, but won't eq like your Geddy...........They do however, sound great with a pick for rock.
  5. I own a Roscoe Beck 5'er and it's a great bass. Lots of tones (classic fender tones and more) and passive which I prefer.
    I've owned a fair number of nice axes and the RB5 is the one I've kept over all the others for it's versatility and playability.
    The pickup switching system takes a while to get used to but I doubt you'll be disappointed if you try one.
    Never played a Thunderbird so I can't help you there.
    Another suggestion would be getting a nice precision since you already have a jazz (but the Roscoe Beck with the neck pickup in series will get you close enough to that tone as well). Good luck in your search.
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    Aug 22, 2009
    Exactly +1 what Tbird1958 wrote however the goth epi's are a cut above the standard epi tbirds if you are strapped for cash. same body wood as the gibbys, better pickups than standard epi, and really cool dark fretboards. I paid $160 used. When I have to leave a bass in my car, I leave the gibbys home and use the goth... I'm thinking of refinishing it in alpine white.
    BTW, almost all t-birds I have tried are setup badly from the factory. I spent hours tweaking pickup hieght, bridge screws, truss rod. They seem to like Medium strings, the lighter ones get floppy. Nothing rocks like a gibby bird..or looks sooo cooool !!!!
  7. Luckie


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    As a Roscoe Beck V owner, I recommend the IV most highly.
    Extremely versatile, excellent quality build, and flat sexy to boot.
    I've played t-birds, Gibson and otherwise, but I prefer the feel of the Roscoe.
    Moral of the story, get the Roscoe.
  8. main_sale


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    To me, it's a no the Roscoe Beck. They are now out of production and getting harder and harder to find beccause of their reputation for fabulous tone. You can always get a T-bird....anytime.

  9. Darkstrike

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    Definatly the Roscoe Beck.
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    Another vote for the RB-IV. I wouldn't casually dismiss the Gibson T-bird, they do have a great driving rock tone. But, they won't be "everything your Geddy is and more". They have their own vibe and not everyone digs them. The RB-IV will be "everything your Geddy is and more", just a fantastic bass that can a huge variety of tone, all of which are good. No debate here.