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    So I'm not playing out anymore but would like to find an inexpensive way to record my bass stuff. It may also be nice to over dub multiple parts.

    What do you do?
  2. I use an Ipad with Garage Band, Jam Up Pro XT, and BIAS. You can also get all of these on an Iphone. I also use a Apogee Jam 96k for my interface. To be honest I record both guitar and bass with this setup and have not used an amp at the house in a very long time.
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  3. Direct in to Mackie Onyx interface connected to Digital Performer 5.13 on an old Mac, send to a Sunn Coliseum for monitor. Pretty easy.
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    I use an EHX LPD 2ube preamp pedal into my soundcard which is the simple and fairly inexpensive M-Audio Fast Track for USB (I'd recommend you actually use some kind of tube preamp, although most sound cards will have an instrument input, and that you invest in a sound card that can record in 24 bit sound quality and have the option of direct monitoring of your input signal for zero latency monitoring).

    As recording program I use the multi track recording and editing tool Cubase 5 (But I actually prefer to use Logic which unfortunately is not developed for PC anymore, and I can't afford a Mac)

    As a much cheaper alternative to a to Cubase, I can only recommend the fine recording and editing tool Reaper though.

    Reaper comes with a fully functional 60 days free trial period and it cost merely 225$ for a full license.

    For listening to your songs I further recommend that you use either studio speakers or a good pair of studio headphones (Personally I use Sennheiser HD 380 Pro headphones).

    Good luck with getting started making your own recordings :bassist:
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  5. bassrich


    Nov 20, 2011
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    Zoom H2
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    Thank you all. There's some good suggestions there. :)