Schroeder cab review

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    May 23, 2004
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    Ever since I took up playing double bass, I've had serious problems hearing myself on stage in my blues/jazz band. The band consists of drums, piano, guitar, bass, some horns...While we're not real loud consistantly, we can be at times (aren't dynamics fun!). Double bass has been problematic-Ican swap to slab and hear myself fine, but swap back to upright, and it kind of disappears in my ears, despite turning up, eq'ing, etc.
    I was playing mostly thru an swr super redhead, then bought a mesa 400+ and goliath III 410, thinking more headroom, volume and speakers were the answer. Not very helpful as it turned out. An swr henry 8x8 that I lucked into helped some. I still was not happy though.
    After reading the schroeder megathread in the other bass forum, and talking to Jorg repeatedly about my needs thru email and on the phone, I ordered a Schroeder 410.
    I cannot say how much better this cab is than anything else I've tried. Last night I could hear myself just fine, my bandmates, soundman, and several bass player friends I had in the audience were all similarly impressed. A couple of my bass player buds sat in last set, and were all raves about Jorg's cabinet.
    Jorg-is the man, and he's a pleasure to do business with. You can count me among the ranks of the very pleased Schroeder users:)