Short-scale flatwound?

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  1. I recently converted my short scale (30") Bronco Bass to a fretless configuration and I've been noticing my roundwound strings are starting to make imprints on the neck, so I'm in the market to switch to flatwound.

    My only problem is that I can't seem to find any in the music stores in my city, and am at a loss.

    Is there any place on the web (or on here) where I can aquire short scale flatwounds? do they even exist?
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    Jan 26, 2002

    Great selection of short scale strings. I am partial to LaBella Deep Talking Flats (760FL) and GHS Precision Flats (light) for short scale basses.
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  3. If the bass is top loaded bridge, go with the GHS light shortscale Precision set. If it is body through, go with the medium scale set.
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    Since the OP converted a Bronco, it is most likely top load, short scale. The two articles in the tech section of will help determine the exact strings needed. If the OP did convert it to string through, La Bella has a special Mustang flats set, which is essentially the same thing, but tapered at the ball end for the increased break over the bridge saddles of through-body.
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    For fretless, D'Addario Chromes might be your best bet for keeping some useful definition. GHS get a bit thuddy for my taste. I also recommend Just Strings; I've encountered backorder problems with BSO.