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should I use my in ear monitors at this gig?

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by morgansterne, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. morgansterne

    morgansterne Geek U.S.A.

    Oct 25, 2011
    Cleveland Ohio
    so we have a big gig coming up saturday-- https://www.facebook.com/events/1483838885167105/

    and the venue hired a sound guy for the event. He's an acquaintance of our lead singer so I sent him a facebook message about my somewhat unusual gear setup and give him some notice that I'd like to use my new carvin in ear monitors (only tried at one practice but worked beautifully. I often have used a cheaper in ear system in the past so I'm used to it.) He messages me back that it's fine, I can use 'em, but he only has two auxes on the board he'll be using since his allen and heath is being repaired. his backup board is a behringer 2442 :atoz:. So I'd be hogging one aux with my in ears and the rest of the band only can get one monitor mix for the other four people in the band.

    normally, we run our own sound: I use aux2 for in-ears, lead singer and lead guitar getting aux 1, and drummer getting a copy of the main mix.
    Would it be selfish of me to prevent the rest of the band from each getting their own monitor mix?
  2. JJP_1984_LB50

    JJP_1984_LB50 Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2004
    North Canton, OH
    Yes, but be willing to compromise on the mix that you're sharing with your other band mates...
  3. morgansterne

    morgansterne Geek U.S.A.

    Oct 25, 2011
    Cleveland Ohio
    that's the thing . . . if I'm using a wedge I can compromise quite a bit. My experience thus far is that with IEM's your mix really has to be spot on (without any compromises) or you're in for a really miserable night. Just with less hearing loss involved.
  4. If you have a soundcheck maybe try them out then?
    I understand that it can be a bad experience if the mix isn't right.
    In that case, it'd be better to just go wedges. I'd feel happier playing with an ok mix on stage than a not so good inear mix.
  5. Mvilmany


    Mar 13, 2013
    Upstate NY
    If it creates other problems for band members, use a wedge. For years, I used to use a wedge monitor, combined with my own stage amp, and earplugs. Just plain earplugs to protect my hearing. In my experience, bass is one of those instruments that sound complete while wearing earplugs.
  6. Geri O

    Geri O Supporting Member

    Sep 6, 2013
    Florence, MS
    If your band members are okay with just one mix (its been known to happen), then yes, you'd be okay.

    But the dynamics of an shared IEM/wedge aux is a dicey chance. Not saying it wouldn't work, but I'd be prepared with Plan B if you decide to try it.
  7. walterw

    walterw Supportive Fender Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 20, 2009
    i guess it's a moot point now, but i'd never dream of using in-ears unless i had the time and the auxes to dial in a proper mix. i'd also never dream of stiffing the rest of the band like that, as there are other players who probably need their own mix more than you do (singer? drummer?).

    guys here have talked about setups where you can "rig up" a mix for yourself, little Rolls mixer boxes that let you take a feed from the house (the main mix, say), then blend in your own instrument and your own vocals. unless you can do that, i'd skip it.
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  8. hsech

    hsech Work hard. My Social Security needs a raise.

    Jun 27, 2012
    Central Iowa
    Yep it's selfish. Wait until next time when you have the inputs you need.
  9. If you can do what I do on odd gigs where I can't bring my Mackie 1608 and splitter snake. Get a real cheap 4 channel board. Take the monitor patch from one of your band mates and run a split of it into say channel 1. Split your bass and place into channel 2. if you sing then split your voice as well and do the same. now you can use mike spliter boxes but i find in these situations a Y xlr cable works I great. i do this all the time.
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  10. I carry an old DI that has a switch that allows me to take the 1/4" out from a speaker and run it into a channel via an xlr. Heck when the FOH asks you what you want for mons just say take the speaker away please :)

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