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shutterbeatle's first post

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by shutterbeatle, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. shutterbeatle


    Aug 10, 2005
    hi everyone,

    I joined the forum last year when i was reading up on accessories for the bass --and now I want to be more involved since I'm discovering new things, and would like feedback.

    I have two basses:

    My first bass is a Squier II Precision Bass. I put on a Hipshot Drop D tuner for the E string, and changed the stock bridge to a Gotoh. I also changed the pickups to Mui Grande. I put covers on the bridge and pickups, and had it set up. It has a beautiful crimson paint job. I love this bass, and still want to do more stuff to it. But I have a problem with the E-string continually breaking. (I'll have a separate post on that)

    My second bass is a copy of sorts that I picked up on eBay. It says Fender Jazz bass on it, and has a beautiful fretless rosewood neck with inlays on it. The body is clearly a jazz body, with a horrible black paint job -and two pickups. One of them resembles the Gibson-Epiphone type pickup, and the second pickup is a jazz-pickup, but slanted (I have no reason why). The bridge looks home made. I don't think that Fender ever made this style bass. I am thinking of changing the tuners and bridge. I am also going to strip the black paint off and either stain it or leave a natural finish. But I need to have a playable bass while I do this work --so I want to sort out the issues w/ my P-bass.

    ANyways, I hope to learn a lot from here, as well as meet friends, and develop myself as a bassist.


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