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Signal Chain advice

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by tahbass, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. tahbass


    Apr 9, 2009
    Park City, UT
    Where to begin... Let's say I've been GASing real hard for a little over a year now and I've got a pedal collection that weighs in at around 40 pedals (for a super ambient project). After much deliberation and frustration, I think I've finally come to a good signal chain. Please offer your thoughts, questions, comments, etc. on how I can improve it, it would be much appreciated.

    Bass (Spector NS2000 & Gibson Grabber being my mains right now) > EB Volume Pedal > Boss TU-2 > Guyatone VT-X tremolo > Digitech Bass Whammy > Xotic Xblender send > Fulltone Bass Drive > Pro Co Rat > Fulltone OCD > SansAmp GT-2 > XBlender rcv/out > Morley Power Wah > Morley Fuzz Wah > Guyatone BR-2 auto wah > Boss NS-2 send > Colorsound Tonebender > Zvex Wooly Mammoth > Boss NS-2 rcv/out > Fender Volume / Tone Pedal > Way Huge Swollen Pickle > Guitar Labs True Bypass Wah Pad + Dunlop 535Q wah > EHX Q Tron + auto wah > Barge VFB-2 loop send > Boss GEB-7 equalizer > Boss DD-5 delay > Boss PS-3 as chorus > Boss RV-3 reverb > Boss BF-2 flanger > Boss RV-3 as delay and reverb > Boss DC-3 as chorus > Boss DD-3 delay > EHX Holier Grail > VFB-2 rcv/out > EHX Cathedral reverb > EHX Flanger Hoax flanger > Aguilar Octamizer > Boss TR-2 tremolo > Boss BF-3 flanger > Mad Professor Deep Blue delay > Line 6 DL4 as delay and loop sampler > Akai E2 as loop sampler > Boss RC-50 loop sampler > MXR M-80 d.i. > Aguilar ToneHammer d.i. > EB Volume Pedal > Sunn O))) 300T / SWR Megoliath 8x10

    Thanks in advance for any help and what not you may give me.
  2. tahbass


    Apr 9, 2009
    Park City, UT
    EDIT: Aguilar TLC between Aguilar ToneHammer and EB Volume Pedal number 2
  3. At that point, just plug them in however you want.
  4. I don't understand why you have the Woolly mammoth in the NS-2 loop, that doesn't make any sense to me :eyebrow:.

    You should try the octamizer closer to the front of your signal chain, it won't track as well as it potentially can after the 20 pedals you have before it!

    Also, a few questions...

    Why 3 wahs, 3 flangers, 3 loopers, 5 delays, 4 reverbs? Seems excessive to me...

    What's the purpose of 3 volume pedals? What do you use each of them for?

    That's definitely the collection of a Justin Chancellor fanboy... ;)
  5. tahbass


    Apr 9, 2009
    Park City, UT
    The Mammoth seems to have a slight buzz when it's engaged and I'm not playing which sounds sloppy to me right before a song starts and it's not completely silent.

    Thanks, I'll put it right after the Whammy maybe...?

    And that my friend is a result of me being lazy haha :bag: I've got them all at very different settings. The BF-2 is almost at a chorus, the BF-3 is a heavy flanger and the Flanger Hoax I actually use for oscillation. The 3 wah are because i liked the sound that the Morly Fuzz wah sounds and I just couldn't get it the same with a separate fuzz and wah pedal. For the delays and reverbs... same story as the flangers; All at very different settings that I use in one 20 minute instrumental piece where I don't really have the luxury of being able to drop down and change them without screwing up. 3 loopers... why not? 2 of them are back up delays and the RC-50 is the main looper.

    And yes, haha you caught me. Now I'm waiting for someone to point out the obvious Isis fanboy in me as well... :ninja:


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