Simmons Piezo Drum Trigger as bass pickup ….

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  1. kerrycares

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    Jan 17, 2006
    I bought one of these today and put it on my bass and A/B to my David Gage Realist going through my Acoustic Image Coda.
    It sounds like an in-between of my Realist and Troll mic.
    $15.99 investment.

    Am I missing something???????????
  2. If it works well, why not. But you didn't tell us where you put the trigger pickup and how you fixed it.

    I once used bare piezo disks as a trigger pickup for a MIDI-drum-trigger. It worked, but sometimes the ceramic on the disk broke, when it got really loud. I put it at the edge of the membrane and fixed it with double-sided sticky tape.
    The breakage did not happen when I used a piezo disk in a plastic housing, but the voltage level was smaller.

    The official drum triggers are probably piezo disks in a housing. It depends how the sound gets damped in certain frequency regions if it will be more or less useable as a bass pickup. At least you avoid the problem of soldering to the piezo disk and fixing the cable, so the solder points won't get loose.
    But since the triggers are only designed to transfer a peak voltage, they might not be designed for low noise with a good shielding.

    Other people use external pickups for tuners for the bass. Basically a piezo disk with a clamp.
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