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Skateboard backpack for K&M Bass Stand

Discussion in 'Accessories [DB]' started by cultrvultr, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. I bring my bass stand to every gig. It's one of the newer K&M stands that has lots of sharp corners and awkward angles.

    Its a good stand, but I got tired of the stand ripping backpacks and dealing with awkward carrying techniques just to bring it along. The official K&M bag looks like a tight squeeze and is another thing to worry about at the gig.

    I just picked up a skateboard backpack. It's got two thick exterior straps that hold the stand on the outside of the backpack pretty well. They don't tighten enough for a snug fit, but it holds pretty well and has room to fit a music stand too.

    The great thing is that its built right into a nice backpack that has plenty of room for all of my music, preamp, cables etc. so I can have everything on my back and leave my hands free for my bass. It even has a couple padded pockets for electronics.

    Has anybody else tried one of these? I found ebags.com to have a better selection than amazon. I've got a few gigs coming up where I'll be walking about a mile that should be a good test of this system.

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