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Source for oval inlays for Ibanez neck?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by hooky_marr, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. hooky_marr

    hooky_marr Supporting Member

    So not too long ago I posted pics of an Ibanez Bean Bass restoration / fretless conversion project, which was carried out by Steve Rozitis, a really talented luthier here in Calgary (who builds under the brand R Guitars).

    NBD: Restored / Upgraded Ibanez RB999 'Bean Bass' Fretless

    I'd like to install some Soundgear-style oval position markers - I can't navigate solely by side dots.

    Does anyone have a source for replacement Ibanez inlays, or have a set of measurements for a set, so I can give them to Steve to craft some from scratch? (Not looking for generic oval inlays from the Internet... )

    Thanks all :D
  2. Here's one place that carries many designs. Might be worth an email to them.

    DePaule Supply
  3. hooky_marr

    hooky_marr Supporting Member

    Thanks! Yeah, I’m aware of them. And there’s lots of vendors selling small oval inlay sets on eBay but no direct replacements. I was looking more for an official parts source from Ibanez, if that wasn’t clear.

    Thst said, would anyone with a Soundgear bass that has oval inlays be willing to take measurements (in mm) so I could get DePaule or another supplier to make a set?
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