Source for oval inlays for Ibanez neck?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by hooky_marr, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. So not too long ago I posted pics of an Ibanez Bean Bass restoration / fretless conversion project, which was carried out by Steve Rozitis, a really talented luthier here in Calgary (who builds under the brand R Guitars).

    NBD: Restored / Upgraded Ibanez RB999 'Bean Bass' Fretless

    I'd like to install some Soundgear-style oval position markers - I can't navigate solely by side dots.

    Does anyone have a source for replacement Ibanez inlays, or have a set of measurements for a set, so I can give them to Steve to craft some from scratch? (Not looking for generic oval inlays from the Internet... )

    Thanks all :D
  2. Here's one place that carries many designs. Might be worth an email to them.

    DePaule Supply
  3. Thanks! Yeah, I’m aware of them. And there’s lots of vendors selling small oval inlay sets on eBay but no direct replacements. I was looking more for an official parts source from Ibanez, if that wasn’t clear.

    Thst said, would anyone with a Soundgear bass that has oval inlays be willing to take measurements (in mm) so I could get DePaule or another supplier to make a set?

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