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    8767FA59-CAC4-4F52-8176-CB0AA4C30837.jpeg 268D6BE1-3576-4F00-B1E7-33DA17877411.jpeg DB45CDDF-60F4-4B91-96AE-98D10E1EDE8A.jpeg I have always loved the look of aged wood. Especially on ancient ships and forgotten wood left to the sands of time. All the materials are generic. Here’s my project. Thanks for looking. The Satin Poly is by Urethane. I used the oil base spray. Which will yellow over time. After sanding with 220 I used a torch and did an initial surface burn and Re-sanded. Afterward, I really lit the body up. My next step was to wipe it down with a dry towel. I did that to bring out the shine. Finally, I sprayed three light coats of the poly. Here is my finished bass. Complete with some new TI Flatwounds. Nickel knobs neck and bridge plate. The body was torched to get a shou sugi ban texture. Generic Tuning Machines. For the passive electronics I used USA CTS Pots. Cloth wiring and Switchcraft output jack. Nickel hardware. No stain or coloring just the burning of the wood. Then, 3 coats of poly satin in an oil base which will aid in yellowing. Fender 60’s pickup. Thanks:)Thanks :)Special Edition Build off - Build em if ya got em Winter Build Off 2020 - Final
    07D7898F-5362-4B38-A8DB-EA51A681AC59.jpeg AE9CC41D-31D6-4E87-A13B-B216266F1854.jpeg 76739533-DF2A-4A0A-820B-F884BC08F662.jpeg C99346A9-3786-4477-AB3D-A64199A53A29.jpeg 7B686A0C-10A5-4169-85B7-F31223CA6F8F.jpeg

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    So awesome. Does it retain some BBQ smell? :D
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    Lol! I was asked that but no. :laugh:
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