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  1. No Treble

    No Treble

    Oct 26, 2016
    I have a Korean Spector Legend 4 PJ and the EMG B30 R3 preamp. I don't like the tone from it. It isn't bad, but not what I want.

    I ordered one of those older spector tonepump preamps(the pre-trim pot rev.) to see what it does. Apparently, the Rachel Bolan Euro4 LX I played at guitar center, and loved the tone of, uses active EMGs. My legend has the passive EMG HZs in it now.

    Question is this: can I run passive pickups with this preamp? I have read all over in here that usually the pickups chosen are passive, but not all. Additionally, I may need different pots for tone and volume control because of the passive pickups, which is no biggie, but is that all? Has this been done by some Jedi bass-warrior yet? Any problems with it? Suggestions? Cautions? This will be new territory for me, and I want to try it before I go for all new pickups.
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  2. No Treble

    No Treble

    Oct 26, 2016
    After spending some time pouring over the schematics of the current B30, and the differences against the TP, I've decided I'm goin for it.

    I'm going to wire the TP in to the passive EMG HZs with my current 500K volume pots, and remove the 25K pots that came with the set up for active pups. For tone control, I'll use the provided 10K and 100K pots, and replace my balance and tone boost/cut knobs with them. Maybe this isn't so tough, after all. I bet I'm frustrated for even attempting this in mere minutes! Wish me luck. Now where is that duct tape...
  3. AdamR

    AdamR Inactive Supporting Member

    Sep 24, 2007
    Bethel CT
    The Rebops come with the non trim TonePump and the EMG HZs
  4. No Treble

    No Treble

    Oct 26, 2016
    Bah! You dismiss my uncertainty with facts, do you? :D If anybody is looking in, I did this, and still wasn't happy with the tone produced. It was pretty sweet sounding, but not exactly what I've been chasing. It still sounded to me like the tonepump really wanted the active pickups. So, after a few days scouring the interwebs (like any doomed tone junkie would), I stuffed a set of used EMG active PJs in it. They looked newer than the HZs that were in it. I must say, that by the time I finished soldering it all together, it was too late to really stretch its legs, but I believe it's there. The thing sounds pretty good at low volume, but I must wait. It seems to have that trademark Spector 90s growl, though, and all for only a million dollars!
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  5. No Treble

    No Treble

    Oct 26, 2016
    So after goofin around with this setup for almost a month now, I have to report, because it may matter to someone googling around the interwebs. The tone from this monster is practically magic! It's still me playing it, but DANG! Here's what I've done:

    The bass: A Korean Spector Legend Custom PJ, bolt-on neck, carved body, but nothing extremely fancy.
    Changed the passive EMG HZs to active EMGs.
    Changed the EMG B30 preamp to the non-trimming Spector Tonepump. I may change this to the trim pot version.
    Changed the strings (a great big difference, really.)

    The amp:
    Moved from an solid state Ampeg PF-500 to an all-tube (hooboy) Ampeg V-4BH. It's worth every penny.
    It has 4 6550s in it. It's supposed to have 4 6L6GCs (I'm interested to know what that might do, if anyone knows.)

    I usually play with a pick, so the brightness is there, but not as overpowering as eating a ghost pepper.
    Couldn't be happier with the sound out of this thing. It is awesome.
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  6. Stevevisits


    Dec 23, 2017
    Hey man jus want to let you know read up on this and glade you did. I was debating on keeping my passive pickups and just putting active preamp in but Im just going both active. I have a special edition spector that is all passive very weird. I love my all active Euro more lol
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