Stagg 3/4 EUB Pick up change to a Krivo Pickup

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    Jan 29, 2006
    Stroudsburg, Pa
    Just purchased a used Stagg EUB 3/4 and did not like the sound of the existing Electronics with the Piezo setup.....I purchased a Krivo Pickup (>for an Upright Bass that would fit the EUB..Easy install for sure
    Also added a new set of D'Addario Helicore ORCHESTRA Strings MEDIUM Cost $135.00 but worth every penny........

    What a difference the Bass came alive with a true Upright sound. Ran that thru my Hartke KB12 Combo Bass amp ( SamsonTech ) and I now have the set up I have been looking for..Lots of compliments from my Band mates as well as others that have heard the Bass when I played out on its sound... Still need to do some more tweaking on the Bridge and neck .
    Wanted to pass this along for others if you are looking to update what you have.

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have
    Thanks, Mike
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    Apr 13, 2006
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    Krivo Pickups
    Just bought a used Stagg as a road bass. As a Krivo user I feel like this might be the low cost solution of my dreams. I'll report back.
  3. It's not the pickup that is bad, it's mostly the strings and maybe the electronics and electronic controls (take out any bass from the outside control), maybe also the internal pots and sometimes the quality of the PCB.
    There was a posting how to eliminate most of the electronics to eliminate hiss and hum but keep the impedance buffer here on Talkbass. You might want to read that.

    Any magnetic pickup has the drawback, that notes close to the end of the fingerboard get too loud because the string gets closer to the pickup when pressed down.
    For some players this is no problem at all but for others it is.