For Sale Stingray 5 LE with Nordy upgrades and active/passive switch

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    For sale only now. I’m trying to fund another bass.

    This is the chance to own a one of a kind Ray!!

    $1600 obo while the couple basses I’m looking at are still up. Shipped conus.

    It’s a typical made I’ll pull this back down thread. I’m really looking at just staying with a 4. This is a one of a kind Stingray.

    It’s well worth it with everything that was put into it.

    I have here a beautiful 2005 Limited Edition Stingray 5 in butterscotch. The mods were done professionally. Just check out the upgrades this has! Nordy pre with Nordy Bigman pickups. On top of that it’s an active/passive Ray!

    This is from the previous owner:

    I've got a 2005 MM Stingray 5 HH LTD.

    I sent it to Carey Nordstrand who had Mo put in 2 BigMan p/us and a 3 way Nordy pre.

    Has pickup blend, VTC, 5 way coil select, sweepable mids, high/low boost. No routing was done

    The pickups are the Nordstrand BigMan's - the bigman - Nordstrand Pickups

    Pre is 3 way from Nordstrand - 3b preamp - Nordstrand Pickups

    I wanted more versatility from the bass and Carey and Mo suggested these.

    It has pickup blend as well as the 5 way coil selector. It also has a passive/active switch and sweepable mids. It has tone control for passive as well.

    If you call Nordstrand and talk to Mo, he'll remember everything he did.

    The bass has WAY more low end than a regular MM, but you can dial in the traditional tone as well as single out the back p/u for that signature MM sound.

    But it also allows for a WAY smoother MM sound when you don't want it to be so mid-honking.

    Bass is absolutely mint.

    It has the OHSC with the blue protective tape on the latches. Rosewood board and it plays like a dream.

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    Here’s some more photos from the previous owner.

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    Make an offer on this beauty! It takes a Stingray to a whole new level.
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    Are the original electronics gone?