Stingray Special 5 + Darkglass Tone Capsule

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    Mar 21, 2006
    I was expecting good things from the Tone Capsule as a Darkglass fan, but I was blown away by how excellent this preamp is. The EQ points are really well chosen - I was sceptical at first with the two mid range points but they have exceptional utility. The bass gives big heft as you’d expect but the low mid (500Hz) gets rid of honkiness in the classic Darkglass fashion, and the high mid accentuates grit and attack. I have not missed a treble control at all.

    I have this installed in a Stingray Special 5 and the preamp is significantly clearer and open compared to stock. I’d been fighting the tone of it for some time and the Tone Capsule let the natural tone shine through. Also, with the screw terminals no soldering of the preamp is required so install is painless on the Darkglass side of things.

    Result is that it all sounds phenomenal. I’m really chuffed with it.

    Below this line is all technical things
    Wiring the rest of it was a total pain in the butt as it’s hard to figure out EBMM’s wiring colours and match them to Seymour Duncan’s switching - I tried several times to match it but ended up trying a different scheme but the image below is right with the designations.

    For brevity, EBMM’s colours are:

    North Start: Blue
    North Finish: Orange
    South Start: White
    South Finish: Black

    Mapping to Seymour Duncan’s wiring is:

    EBMM - Blue = Black SD
    EBMM - Orange = White SD
    EBMM - White = Red SD
    EBMM - Black = Green SD


    This is the scheme that actually works:
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    Im thinking alot lately about my severely underplayed SR5...
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