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Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by bjammer, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. bjammer


    Feb 6, 2009
    I'm normally the guitar player but will be playing bass this weekend since the bass player will be out. However, there is no bass rig so I'm running straight through the PA. The normal bass player runs direct as well but he uses a Behringer Bass V-Amp. Since we use an Aviom system, there's not much bass presence at all on stage. No grumbling, rumbling, etc. Is this acceptable for a bass set-up?
  2. SteveC

    SteveC Moderator Staff Member

    I do it all the time. The "rumbling" comes from the PA. I don't have IEM (used to) but I would do that as well if I could. I use a small combo for a stage monitor.
  3. bjammer


    Feb 6, 2009
    Steve - Thanks for responding. That's good to know. I don't have even a small combo though and am getting all my sound through the headset connected to the Aviom.
  4. Psychicpet

    Psychicpet Guest

    Mar 13, 2004
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    Jammer, this is exactly the set up I've been using with my main gig for the last few years and it's great.

    I'm always faffin' around trying different pedals and preamps which is fun but I have absolutely come to love this set up, especially for fly-dates.

    it's awesome that whether it's a crowd of 500 or 15,000 our sound is always consistent and very flexible.

    BUT!!!.... our soundman who uses the Roland RSS digital mixing console just informed all of us in the band about these new personal mixers and we'll be hitting the road with them next month.

    Roland M-48


    Aviom has been amazing but these things have everything plus the kitchen sink! :D


    anywho, have fun on the fat stringer and welcome to the dark side hehehehehehhe


  5. TL5


    Jun 27, 2005
    Same here, I do it all the time using my pedal-board as the DI, IEMs for monitor. It works great for me.

    For most songs used in church I use a warm tube sound from the VT Bass pedal. Sometime I kick in the grit from the GT2 on the edgier, rock songs.

  6. bjammer


    Feb 6, 2009
    Thanks. I love filling in on the dark side. For me, it will be just bass to system but I'll advise them to put enough in the monitors so I can feel it. Then I've always got the Aviom as my primary monitor.
  7. Get a Tech 21 VT Bass pedal and a solid DI and you'll be golden. IMO the VT Bass makes going direct a much better experience.
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