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Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Sundogue, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Sundogue


    Apr 26, 2001
    Wausau, WI
    Finally (after all these years) I snagged a used VT Bass Deluxe pedal.

    I was getting some pretty damn good tones through my amp (Zoom B2 into a Kustom Groove head) into my fEARful 15/6 but was still looking for a little extra.

    I was also looking for an easier to way switch between some pretty basic (albeit different) tones. That's why I was holding out for the programmable Deluxe instead of the smaller (non-programmable) VT pedal.

    I didn't have a lot of time to play with it as I had a gig that same night, although I did play with it during the day of the gig. I tried it direct right into the input of my amp's preamp and I liked it. I also liked it plugging my bass into the VT and the VTD into the input of my Zoom B2 and then from my Zoom into my amp's input. Haven't gotten around trying it Bass > ZoomB2 > VTD > Amp yet.

    I was using my Zoom for a couple of tone options...one a more clean tone and another using the Zoom's Tube amp emulation for a slightly overdriven tube tone. Got it pretty much set how I liked it with the Zoom as kind of my preamp. I also use the Zoom B2 as my tuner and a couple of effects (Chorus, Flanger).

    But, after trying out the VTD, I think I'm going to really like this more as my preamp. I may use my Zoom in just the effects loop (not sure if I want/should use the VTD's effects loop or my amp's) or if it makes a difference. Also not sure if I should use my amp's DI or the VTD's.

    I've read every single thread and post on the VT Deluxe and have pretty much come to the conclusion that I still just need to experiment with it as there are far too many variables in setup, gear and gain staging for there to be cookie cutter answers. I kind of like some of the stock factory settings (which is really unusual for me to like factory settings), and with some slight mods, I got some very tasty tones I'm really going to like.

    Odd thing is, the more I played with it, the more I screwed up settings I liked and could never get them back. Flashing lights and hitting the wrong switches, or the right one but not twice to save...Ugh! I was just confusing myself. Granted, I only played around with it for a few hours before I had to pack up for the gig (I did not take the pedal on the gig). One thing I did find is that the tonal pallette is pretty versatile (for the Ampeg/Tube sound) from clean to dirty and those knobs are VERY sensitive to change. Even a slight adjustment goes a VERY long way in changing the tone. Which tells me there is a lot to learn as to how to tweak it to my liking, but also a lot of different tones I can cop.

    I love the idea of having 6 stored tones at the ready of a footswitch (but I also have two basses so having three for each is a plus as well).

    Way too much to deal with until I have more time to dedicate to it. But never have I wished I had more time to play with a new bass toy than this pedal. Sigh. Soon, I hope.

    Please feel free to chime in with your experiences, good or bad and everything in between. Yeah I know there's a lot out there already, but a lot of those threads are very old too.

    So who is still using the VT Bass Deluxe? What's your setup like, what are your likes, dislikes and perhaps some tips or tricks, or some useful info on what works or doesn't from those of you who have used it for a while now?
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2014

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