Tempromental Cabinet?

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  1. WhisperAPrayer


    May 17, 2009
    I recently picked up a new cabinet second hand, at first I had assumed that the speakon inputs on my Ashdown head wouldn't take a 1/4.
    However after trying to again today, it was working perfectly, I then unplugged the lead in the front input and am now getting nothing despite not touching the lead between head and cabinet.
    Any thoughts?
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    I got nothing.
  3. I do not see where there is a problem. If you have unplugged the input why would you expect any output at all?
  4. Step one, do some nightschool English classes. "I got nothin' ", means the question is gibberish.

    Guessing the intent, you plugged in a lead and it worked, but later it didn't.

    I wouldn't go around touching 1/4" leads to metal objects, that'll blow the amp if you do it right.
  5. WhisperAPrayer


    May 17, 2009
    Sorry, I should mention I of course plugged it back in and received no output.
  6. Hi.

    First humble suggestion, please do fill out Your profile, or at least give people a few more clues about the equipment giving the problem.

    A non-native speaker here as well, and the way I interpret the op is that the Ashdown head sports 1/4" / Speakon combo output jack, and the just as mysterious cab has only 1/4" input jack.

    Using a jack speaker cord between the head and the cab worked before, but doesn't anymore.

    As for the source of the problem, can be any number of things, most probably IME a bad speaker jack cord.

  7. anderbass


    Dec 20, 2005
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    If that happened to me, the first thing I'd assume is that guitar cord/lead is defective. Did you already try a different one that you know is good?


    Also, make sure your using a real speaker cable between your amp and speaker cabinet, not a guitar cord. They might look the same on the outside, but the wiring inside guitar cords are different and tend to overheat/melt/short-out when used as a speaker cable.

    Lots more info about that here:--> https://www.google.com/search?sourc...ween+a+guitar+cord+and+speaker+cable&start=10



    If your using an active bass, try it again with a new battery.

    Another easy test you could try is plugging your bass into the amps Effects-Return jack. And then let us know if you get any sound from the cab like this.

    If none of these suggestions help, you need to try substituting each piece of your gear, one at a time until you find the defective culprit. If you (or a friend/band mate) don't own spares of everything, you'll find that most any music store would help you out using they're gear, in hopes of making a sale :cool:
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    Very good points and I found this out the hard way
  9. WhisperAPrayer


    May 17, 2009
    I've tried switching out different leads in places, and still nothing.
    I'll pick up some new batteries tomorrow, but I don't think that is the issue.
    I've tried through th effect return and gotten nothing also.
    I've tried using my tuner with each of the leads, which leads me to believe they're not the issue (especially since two are brand new).