testing the limits of the J control cavity

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  1. I have a pair of basses that I wanted to add some mods as I upgraded one of them, and it got a little out of hand. I changed one of them to be PJ, the other remains J. Here's a brief rundown

    On the PJ, I have a push/pull for series/parallel of the P. On the J, I have a push/pull for series/parallel of the two J's.

    I have a push/pull to bypass the tone pot

    I have a push/pull on the tone pot to switch cap values.

    One of the goals I originally wanted was to put a .022 cap wired parallel with the tone pot, so it's always filtering out a certain level of frequencies. From there, I chose .022 and .033 so that I'd have essentially 3 cap values to choose. I eventually scrapped the third since there wasn't room for 3 orange drops. So it's got a very dark tone to it, or no tone cap at all. Pretty drastic difference but I like it.

    You may see some eraser marks. I don't know what we're up to probably 47 attempts. Couldn't figure out the tone circuit once I removed the third cap and had some gaps to fill. Hope you like it too.

    The wiring on the J. This one is shielded too. didn't really change the wiring but it made things more tedious to put it all in without touching the sides. I chose not to shield the PJ.
    J wiring.jpg

    The J schematic. J.jpg

    And the PJ schematic. PJ.jpg
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    Cool mods! Having a parallel/series on the P pickup really makes a P/J more versatile.
    Same with the series/parallel pickups on a J.
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