The Aero Pe4 type 1 pickup and Bottom wave experience

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Jimmy Aloha, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. After posting back in 2008 and a short hiatus on playing music. I decided to get that replacement pickup from my MIJ P bass. There was not many reviews of the PE4 type 1 so I decided to put one up.

    After a long process (I reacquired GAS majorly!) I decided on Aero pickups. First because of the reputation and also because Larry is based out of Hilo. Not to mention he lives 1 block away from my childhood home. What a coincidence!

    Originally I had the original pickup in the bass since I bought it in 2007. The P bass has a great acoustic sound and excellent play ability. But it was lacking in clarity and perhaps some other aspects. Someone gave me an American Standard pickup replacement recently. The sounds change was profound. It sounded more like a piano. Much more clarity. But, I really wanted to get a nice pickup (This gear acquisition syndrome is killing me!). I messaged Larry and ordered one. I actually met Larry years before and jammed with him but never got to try the pickup.

    I arrived at the shop to get the pickup. Larry lets me try a bass he has in the shop. Its a no name perhaps 70's or 60's Japanese bass with one of his wood pickup cover soapbar pickups in it. I was thinking ...yep.....its gonna sound like crap. It in my opinion didnt look like much. I plugged it in It had a great sound! Very clean full sound. Larry said it basically was the same pickup as the one I was getting. I got the pickup and went home.

    I soldered it in the bass. Wow.....again a nice thick clear sound. It seemed to have a fuller frequency range than the American Standard pickup. It seemed a more louder and sustained version of the acoustic sound without much coloring to the sound. The true fundamental sounds of the notes seemed to ring more openly. I was wondering how it was gonna sounds with my bass being basswood. It was not muddy as I often read basswood basses are bass heavy without clarity. it really added more of everything and cleaned the sound up much more. Amazing!

    Larry is also very knowledgeable guy. Minute measurements to spacing to capacitors. very knowledgeable. I am now a dedicated Aero guy. They are going to be standards in all my instruments from now on. Thanks Larry! Mahalo!

    I also did try a bottomwave jazz bass at his shop. It was the one from the bass player review. The sunburst 4 string.Review: Bottom Wave MB Series Basses . Great playing bass!! The neck felt comfortable and beautifully made. The sound was very crisp and clean. One of the best jazz basses I have ever played. Reasonably priced also. It was definitely a contender against the 4-5 thousand dollar basses out there for much less. Highly recommended. Larry sells them directly from index.
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  2. I will be posting a video comparing the sounds and possibly some mp3 of my crappy playing.
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  3. I have a set of Aero JB4 Type 1 Jazz pickups that are also pretty good
  4. Thats my next purchase. I am gonna sell my Seymour Duncan antiquity 2 rear pickup and get an Aero. Cant Wait!
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