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The "I love my rig" Club

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BillMason, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. BillMason

    BillMason Supporting Member

    Mar 6, 2007
    Ok, so I'm not convinced that we need another club, so someone else will have to take care of handing out numbers, but I have to say: "I love my rig!"

    Had another gig last night, our first since August 2nd except for a free charity one in September where our sound *SUCKED* large - last night was a different story. Thanks to our stage mix, we could all hear each other, and damn, my bass just SAT in that mix, and tone for miles!

    G-K 700RB-II, Avatar Delta 112, Tech 21 VT Bass pedal, and a big ol' P bass with flats. Having a gig where I have a "tone experience" like that is kinda like playing golf - there's always one hit, one drive, one putt that keeps brining you back to the green.
  2. I'll join this unofficial no number club. At this weekends gig the bass gods decided to let me have the most wonderful tone, both onstage and FOH. I found what makes my ears happy and that is indeed a good thing.
    EBMM SR5HH/GK 1001RBII/GK neo212
    Our 1 guitarist is the opposite; has a roomful of good amps and pedals but just can't find what he's looking for.
  3. Nedmundo

    Nedmundo Supporting Member

    Jan 7, 2005
    Another with a G-K head who loves his rig, in my case 700RB-II with two G-K Neo112 cabs. I haven't used both on stage yet, because I can usually get by with one. It's a light, powerful, flexible rig, and I have no plans to change. The tone has always been fantastic, except a couple of times with my G&L L-1500, whose pronounced upper mids will sometimes "honk" without some EQ tweaking. That's more the bass than the rig. With my Jazzes, Precisions, and SB-2, it's basically plug-and-play. I just dial in the right amount of grit via the "boost" control, and roll from there.
  4. amimbari


    May 6, 2008
    Pittsburgh, PA
    OK, I'll play ...

    my ghetto rig is one I love and use almost exclusively anymore:

    Carvin CT400 power amp/Carvin 2x15/Hafler TA1600 power amp/Harke 4x10/Digitech RP50/Behringer UB1622FX
    and the most important tone item, my Dillion DFBB

    I have many other combinations of amps and cabs, but that's what I use for most of the gigs I need to play.
  5. Fealach

    Fealach Guest

    Apr 23, 2003
    Gone to a better place
    I don't so much have a rig as a pool of stuff I can create rigs from. I'm happy with the combination I'm currently using, but it's not my favorite - I don't want to risk my favorite stuff in humid basements, crowded rooms with poor electricity, etc so it doesn't get out much.

    My "real world" utility rig would be Genz Neo Pak and a Carvin Neo 10.2 (2X10 cab). At the practice dungeon I use a Mesa D180, Genz GBE750, Sunn 4X15, and 2 Bag End D12Es. It's tough getting the volume low enough to be practical, but I own the stuff and I want to play through it. Besides, having that much power on tap helps keep the guitarist from getting volume crazy. "Don't make me turn this up to 1."
  6. Big String

    Big String Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    Northwest Indiana
    Currently: Bergantino AE410, Carvin B1500 or MB LMII, Sadowsky NYC JJ4 w/nordy NJ4 SC. DR SS Lo-Riders.

  7. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: see profile
    AMP BH-250 into a Bag End D12 with a lot of nifty FX pedals and a couple killer basses... Yeah, I'm loving my rig! I've got almost no GAS to replace anything I currently use.
  8. 4-string


    Jul 23, 2006
    Thunderfunk TFB750-A and Schroeder 610L. Extremely high quality and excellent sounding rig.
  9. Rezdog

    Rezdog Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    T.Rez, Canada
    Greetings from the North,

    I'm happy with my XS800H Yorkville amp. Dr.Bass Rx2260, and Traynor TC115 cabs. Pouncing (bounce&punch) Bootey that always does well in the mix.

  10. I love my LMII and my GK800Rb for different reasons. I have the VT Bass Pedal also and I have been using it a lot. The only thing I would change is my cabs - not because of their sound - but just to get some of the newer smaller more lightweight cabs. Playing my P-Bass and Spector more than anything at the moment.
  11. GK700RBII and 8 ohm Avatar 2x12. Love it!

    Attached Files:

  12. swmmojo

    swmmojo Be up and doing...

    Here's my "R2D2" rig... GB6.0, Avatar112 and MMSR5HH. Truly my Gas-X.

    Attached Files:

    • R2D2.
      File size:
      33.4 KB
  13. topcat2069


    Dec 2, 2007
    Palm Springs
    GK1001 RB, GK NEO 1X15 and 1X12 with an Am. P-Bass Deluxe.......:hyper:
  14. Toneman


    Jun 6, 2001
    Long Island
    After decades of endless rigs im in bass heaven with my MarkBass F1 head and Aquilar GS212 cab.
    And for home I have a Minimark combo also incredible :)
  15. Horny Toad

    Horny Toad Guest

    Mar 4, 2005
    I'm totally satisfied with my setup. Fender American Std. P/G&L L-2000-->Carvin B1500 (dbx 166A in the loop)-->Schroeder 610L. I'm G.A.S. free.
  16. bassmonkeee

    bassmonkeee Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    I can definitely get behind this thread. After playing a gig on Friday night using everything pictured, I can't think of anything I'd replace.


    The Shuttle combo has been my go to rig for a string of dates at a quiet upscale restaurant, and the LMII will be getting the call this Friday for a BBQ joint.

    The whole enchilada was used this Friday-- Bass into the Shuttle, line out of the tuner jack to the VT Bass into the LMII driving the Avatar. Lots of tone options with both rigs running. :D
  17. ducatiman


    Oct 3, 2006
    new yawk
    ok, i'll play

  18. seanm

    seanm I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize!

    Feb 19, 2004
    Ottawa, Canada
    I am in.

  19. fenderhutz

    fenderhutz Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2007
    Harpers Ferry WV
    Nothing. Nada. No rig and I am GAS free.

    I am exclusively recording direct through a Line6 interface and I love my "rig".
  20. songwriter21

    songwriter21 I have an obsession for wood. The musical kind. Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2005
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Sponsored by Hipshot
    Yep, I'm another happy rigger. Yep, I'm another G-K user who couldn't be happier. The rig consists of (and a very simple rig at that) a 1001RB-II with and SWR Son of Bertha and/or a G-K Neo 2x10 with four pedals:

    Boss Bass Overdrive
    " Bass Chorus
    Digitech Bass Synth
    Morley Little Alligator Volume

    I'm actually getting the Neo 2x10 later this week, and with the added weight of my SWR, I probably won't need a 15" since I get reinforcement from a floor wedge.

    Oh yeah, and I guess I should mention my basses-that's kind of important, right? ;-)

    (2) Peavey G-V 5-strings
    Ibanez SR506 fretless (custom modified)

    You could say that this is the ultimate simple, affordable, and reliable rig. The G-K hasn't let me down yet and my Peaveys' graphite necks are consistent, night after night.

    Cutting clarity and muscle all in a package that takes about 10 minutes to set up.

    Now hopefully I won't change my mind after NAMM in January....:rollno:

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