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The journey begins.

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by ksihawk7, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Well I've recently started playing my new bass much more than my old bass, so I figured I would sand the paint off and give it a paint job. The bass is a Peavey Millenium that I'm not too worried about screwing up. I think the only problem will be getting the neck screwed back in properly. I've got some 100, 150, and 200 grit sandpaper to use. Keep in mind I'm only 16, so it won't be too professional. Here is a picture of the bass now. 5105659855_641a7c332d_b.
    Since I won't be starting until tomorrow, does anyone have any tips for me?
  2. M0ses


    Sep 11, 2009
    Los Angeles
    Screwing a neck on is not a problem. Trust me. You've got some big surprises coming if you think that's gonna be the hardest part.
  3. Those import Peaveys were typically plywood under the finish. You may find it would be better to rough up the finish with 200-350 grit rather than strip it, then spray it with a different solid color. If it is plywood it can be difficult to get a smooth finish after a full strip. You can tell if it is plywood by pulling off the pickguard and looking in the control cavity to see if the laminates are visible.
  4. So are you saying just get the paint to a fine finish, then paint it? Sorry I'm half asleep right now so my brain is quite dead.
  5. DaLoCo


    Jun 16, 2010
    South Africa
  6. Beej


    Feb 10, 2007
    Victoria, BC
    This thread needs reranch 101. Google it!
  7. xaxxat

    xaxxat Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2008

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