The Movers Blues Band - Smoke and Mirrors EP

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  1. British Blues from the Cornish Delta - Recorded October 2016 at Black and White studios, Redruth Cornwall.
    The Movers Blues Band - UK
    Get a free download of the EP here -

    1. I Can Tell - (Bo Diddley) - take#2 no overdubs
    2. Standing on Shaky Ground (Jeffrey Bowen, Alphonso Boyd, Eddie Hazel) take #3 / guitar overdub
    3. Wait on Time - (Kim Wilson) take#3 no overdubs).

    Scott Jeffery - Lead Vocal (ex Blues Connection / Blues Busters), Archie Fugill Guitar / Vocal,
    Alan Williams Drums,
    Tim Chapple - Bass (ex Blacktop Deluxe / Devils Creek)

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    The Movers Blues Band - UK

    Introducing The Movers. Since leaving Blacktop Deluxe last year, I’ve been lucky to hook up with some great new players.

    Scott Jeffery – Vocals
    Scott is a very experienced singer / frontman - and has worked with bands such as The Blues Busters and Blues Connection, and has shared the stage with bands and musicians such as Little Feat, Wilko Johnson and Larry Miller.

    Archie Fugill Guitar / Vocal-
    Archie took up playing guitar at the tender age of 6 when inspired by his parents love of 50’s and 60’s rock ‘n’ roll. At 16 he was given a copy of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble’s ‘Texas Flood’. Like many guitarists of his generation, after hearing that it was hard-nosed blues, boogie and rock all the way. He’s played in many professional bands and has been fortunate enough to play with many great musicians along the way! He cites SRV and Chuck Berry as his main influences and always gives everything when he plays.
    Archie has played with Bill Smith and the Fabulous Bluescasters all around the South West and top function funk band the Man From Funkle, who played all over the UK. He has shared stages with the like of Larry Miller, Wilko and Norman Watt-Roy. He has also worked in bands with members of the Nashville Teens - they of the 1964 Tobacco Road fame and played with Gary Moore's brother Cliff Moore. Archie has also been in bands with members of the that'll be the day touring show, and the bands of Tulisa and Nadine Coyle.

    Alan Williams Drums-
    Alan Williams is a very experienced drummer he has worked many bands over his extensive career including Medicine Train &Point Blank. His energetic but rock solid style is the bedrock of the band.

    Tim Chapple – Bass -
    Tim Chapple has worked with many bands during his career, including Blacktop Deluxe (sharing stages with Walter Trout, Wishbone Ash, Focus and many more) Devils Creek (Abertillery Blues Festival and more), Handbrake Turn, The SGT Project, Union Jane, Zambula, The Any Excuse Soul-stars, Bride's Mother, The Vendettas, The Rage, The Oven Ready Angels and more. He has worked in Europe and across the UK, and performed on radio and TV.
  2. Here's another, recorded using a Peavey Foundation Bass -
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