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Thinking of buying a Warwick...wadda you think?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Slaine01, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Thinking of buying a Warwick Corvette $$ - SE Australia Blackwood ( 4 string ) and looking for opinions.


    This model has the new "shaved down" neck, so doesn't have the baseball bat like neck I remember from other Warwicks I have played over the years, and as I currently play a Lakland 44-02 having a slimmer neck is definately a drawcard.

    I will get it sent to me before I decide to buy but am always interested in TB'ers feedback :bassist:

    Will be playing it through - Eden WT550 and 2 x Eden 112 cabs, as well as a Markbass Mini CMD121P combo.
  2. never new they came out with thin necks. damn them, i like them but can never stand playing them...
    i (my wallet) was better knowing that info!
  3. I love the sound that ive heard from them (ryan martine mostly) and everytime i play one at my local GC its great..... i would say get it.... they slap and pop great..
  4. I am not aware of any new "shaved down" necks from Warwick.
    It says that this limited edition bass just has a flat neck profile.
    Warwick offers 3 neck profiles. The known to all "baseball bat" profile (which some like), the flat, "fenderish" profile (which is on this Australia Blackwood limited edition batch obviously, and can be ordered as a custom option on any warwick bass too), and the broadneck profile, which can be optionally selected on 5 and 6 string models, which is basically a wider version of the standard profile and offers 20mm string spacing (instead of the regular 16,5 mm spacing on the 5/6 string models).
    So, having this cleared up, all I can say is that if you buy it, you will surely end up with a great instrument which you will surely like (since you will have tried it out too). Really, what is there to say? It's a Warwick, you can't go wrong (especially with that neck profile that you will love) :).
  5. The neck on $$ 5 doesn't feel that thick, though it's definitely not thin. I love the sound of the MEC preamp and the pickups. It is 34 inch scale and narrow string spacing.
  6. sps500

    sps500 In Memoriam

    May 19, 2008
    i say go for it! :)
  7. I've borrowed and reviewed this model. They do have a flat neck option that is proving very popular and I beleive is now offered with no extra charge. This bass is killer and you won't be disapointed :)
  8. The 5 and 6 string necks with the standard profile are ok (to me at least). If you look at the image, the standard profile is somewhat "square" and "not right" on the 4 string neck, while on the 5 string neck it gets rounder and nicer.
    The flat profile is nice, round and thin on any version of the neck.
    So while the 5 string $$ felt nice, the 4 string $$ (with the standard profile) could have felt bad to someone.
  9. Is there a link to any good (checked on You Tube and all there seems to be are a bunch of blokes slapping into a camcorder, frequency response on microphone of.."yuk!!" ), links to any Corvettes I can hear?
    Laklands website has a cool feature where they have mp3's of their basses you can listen too but cant find anything on Warwicks.
  10. T-34


    Aug 11, 2005
    France, Paris region
    This bass just screams: buy me! :D
  11. noisetree


    Feb 20, 2007
    Don´t like warwicks!
  12. Make sure you play it strapped on and standing.

    I love Warwicks, and own a Streamer ... but I sold my Corvette FNA Jazzman because the body shape didn't feel comfortable to me. That might not be the case for you, but take the time, before you drop the dime, to check it out ala mode.

  13. I have the 5 string standard and i LOVE it!... buy it, you won't be sorry
  14. used a ol' p bass for yeaaaaaars....always wanted a warwick for about 7 years...finally picked up a vette and a thumb.. used alot for about 3 years but they never really felt like "home" to me.... both great basses...quality sound playability...all great....they just didnt ever feel right... swapped them for two different jazz basses and im very happy...plus i sweat like a beast..so i really did not like the extra work having to wax and wipe down. after touching it...plus they ding up like a bastard.... if it feels right do it..but try out other basses...
  15. Shy Guy

    Shy Guy

    Sep 23, 2008
    Templeton, MA
    Go for it, even though they have large profiles they are ridiculously easy to play, I don't know why but they play just as well as basses with thin necks, just find out if you like the 'warwick sound'.
  16. omfg....your quote made me pee my pants a little...it just kept getting more funny....
  17. akane2


    Sep 28, 2008
    i just sold my wick $$ to get a 44-02. I feel like warwicks are a bit thin, and rely on steel strings to get any kind of interesting sound. Theyre cool to practice with, but really boomy and unfocused live. I am so excited to get the 4402, whyd you want to give that up?
  18. I"m keeping the 44-02 but want a 2nd bass as I just sold my Marcus Miller 4.
    Its a toss up between the Corvette or a Thumb (the 4 string version of this -
    with the same pick up configuration)
    I used to own a Musicman "Double Humbucker" Stingray but noticed the front pick up was a little to close to the neck for me when I was slapping and I'm concerned the Corvette may be the same but the Thumb pick ups look perfect as I tend to dig in more at the bridgewhen I'm playing.
    As I havent played a Thumb before - whats the vibe on those? I've only ever heard they are neck heavy but the guy from Mudveyne certainly makes it look comfortable to play.
  19. do it!! I love my FNA JAzzman, but I guess like anything else, its not for everybody
  20. akane2


    Sep 28, 2008
    get the thumb fo sho. I think the $$ and the 4402 are more "do everything" basses that lack their own individual character. If you want some distinction, and a solid bass to a/b against your 4402 you should get the thumb for sure. They have perfect warwick tone.

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