Thomastik Flats made for Hofner?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by soulfool, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. soulfool


    Dec 28, 2009
    I've been going back and fourth on string choices and decided that I'd like to give Thomastik-Infeld flats a try. I have a Hofner Ignition and was wondering if anybody has tried the TI's specifically made for Hofners (JF324H)?

    Here is the link to the strings:

    I have a couple questions before ordering for those who have tried this exact set of strings:
    1. Do they required the silk wrap to be trimmed to fit?
    2. I really want to experiment with low tension strings after using La Bella Beatle Bass strings and Chromes. Is the TI for Hofner string gauge (.096 - 043) too light if I tend to "dig in" when playing?

  2. soulfool


    Dec 28, 2009
    Just adding to my post... for those who have or have not tried the TI strings specifically made for Hofner, which TI's do you recommend that will fit a Hofner. I'd really like to try the TIs made for Hofner but I can't pull the trigger without knowing whether or not they require shaving the silk wraps to fit. The package says 32" scale.

    I have short scale Chromes on now, as a placeholder due to breaking a La Bella, just until I get new strings. I had to trim them to fit and they really look terrible now that the wraps are shedding, plus they are way too zingy for my taste.
  3. You need to trim them a bit as you would for any strings. The Hofner tuning pegs are small and if you didn't trim it would probably stack up too much and not stay in tune as well. That aside you definitely need to get those strings for the Hofner (not the standard) because the difference is in the E string gauge. The standard 32" TI's have an E that is too fat for the Hofner bridge.

    I do not think they are too light to dig in. They are comparable to a light set of rounds.
  4. I put a set on my Hagstrom Coronado.
    I trimmed a bit in length, but not much.
    I didn’t have to shave any of the silk, and the nut to tuner space on the E is closer on the Hag's 4 in a row than on a Hofner.
    There was plenty of room on the bridge side, the wrappings there are relatively short.
    Great strings, the gage is just right for the thin neck.

  5. soulfool


    Dec 28, 2009
    Thanks! just to be clear though... I realize I'll have trim/clip the actual string. I was referring to the silk wrap that's around the top of the strings. On the last short scale strings I bought, I had to trim the blue wrap (Chromes) so that it wasn't on the part of the string that sits in the nut. The wrap was cut away so that it starts about a half-inch past the nut, leaving the remaining wrap on the part of the string that goes through the tuners.
  6. I'm not sure I am following exactly. The silk should not be in the nut it should start past the nut near the pegs. Here is a photo of my old Club bass with the Hofner TI's. No close up of the headstock but you can still see how it looks.

  7. They (TI) do (or did) make a short scale set specific to the Hofner style basses with a .96 E to fit the bridge. Check some websites to see if any have them in stock. I checked muscians friend and and neither had them listed, but check some others.

    Where I bought mine....good service.
  9. soulfool


    Dec 28, 2009
    Thanks everyone. I'm ordering them tonight from stringsandbeyond tonight based on the feedback.
  10. A random review.... Flats Flatwound Bass Strings

    History: Nickel flatwound roundcore bass strings. Significantly lower tension than most other flats

    Purchase: I buy TI Jazz Flats from a variety of sources online because no one -- NO ONE -- in my area carries flatwound bass strings, let alone TIs. Price varies from a low of $58 to a high of $85 for a super long 5-string set.

    Pros: I love everything about TI Jazz Flats. I grew up playing heavy gauge LaBella flats because at that time (1965), nothing but flats were
    available for bass. Over the years, I went to rounds but decided after seeing many, many positive reviews that I'd try TI flats. I loved them right away. The main complaint from many players is that the tension is too low, but I had no trouble adapting. I suspect that the players who find the tension too wimpy play rather heavily. The feel of TIs is very smooth, and they have a very nice balanced tone from low to high, with a very punchy, solid midrange thump.

    Cons: The price is high, but they last forever, so even an $80 purchase may work out to being only slightly more than $25 a year for strings. I recently did a session with two-year old TIs on my Lakland 55-94 and they sounded amazing.
    Quality: Outstanding construction and quality. Never had one break, never had one dead out of the box.

    Review Summary: TI Jazz Flats aren't for everyone because they are significantly lower in tension than many strings. But they sound great. Don't be put off by the price: though more expensive than many brands, they last three times as long. Contrary to what many say about flats, TIs have a very nice high end snap if played with a pick, but they produce solid, smooth,even tone throughout the entire range of extended range bass. Played fingerstyle, they can emulate Jamerson's P bass Motown thump; with a pick on a Rickenbacker or Hofner Beatle bass, they're pure McCartney.
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  11. uncle Bob

    uncle Bob

    Sep 16, 2010
    Drector of Sales LaBella Strings
    Get a copy of Bass Player of Oct 2005 and learn what Sir Paul is using.
    Although he was using our normal 760FHBB Flats for many many years, he requestee a lighter version an Richard Cocco jr. our Pres developwd the Deep Talkinn Bass 760FHB2, which is a tad lighter.
    Presently the Deep Talking Bass strings are still the hottist of the choice of Beatle Bass players worldwide. They can be found at any major retailer as well as e com sites of , just strings, big city strings, sam ash and remnant music etc. Overseas there are firms like tohmanns, stringbusters, gremlin, bass gallary london etc.
    Remember that the original BB's had two different tailpieces. If you have one of the original treasures, and compare it to a newer model you will observe that there is a differencein the length. The Deep Talkin' sets are fashioned to fit both. The LaBella DTB sets have more heft to the feel, so you can get an excellent projection of sound from your Hofner.
  12. Jhtjon


    May 1, 2010
    I just bought a set of JF324H strings for my German Re-Issue. When I removed the low E, and strung up the new I noticed that the actual string will need to enter the tuner. Is this OK? Before I ruin a set of expensive string someone please help!
  13. Some of the string might need to go into the peg. That is not uncommon with the Hofner TI set and it won't hurt anything.
  14. Jhtjon


    May 1, 2010
    The strings measure out at 46.5" feels like long scale to me

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