Thoughts on my new board

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  1. Bass>TurboTuner>Xerograph Deluxe>Empress Comp>Octron>Tall Font Russian>Duality>Vintage Microtubes>B7K



    1. Upon first impression --sounds awesome. :bassist:
    2. Not sure but I think I've got the theory right: the placement of the envelope filter should be before the compressor, the compressor should be before the octave, and the octave should be as in early in the chain as possible (before dirt, etc).
    3. I think eventually I want to replace the Empress for an FEA Labs dual band comp/limiter and the Octron for a IE Subterranea.

    Your turn!
  2. Guinness20


    Jan 24, 2013
    Liverpool, UK
    Looks ace, some quality gear on there! Interesting that you have the combo of the tfr, vmt and duality - how do you use the two fuzzes together, and how do you stop the vmt and tfr from sounding like a muffled mess?

  3. Cables are very neat and you have plenty of stomp space. Looks very user-friendly.
  4. Nice gear, looks great. I would have placed the pedals in the same order as you.
  5. I would put the octave and at least one of your dirt pedals before the Xero and the compressor would be last to level out volume spikes from the filter. I know that you use the compressor to improve tracking on your octave but have you tried just rolling your tone off? Helps with my OC-2.
  6. Would benefit from a George L's cable kit.

    The top row needs to be shifted down just a bit. The jacks are sticking off the edge of the board and can be hit and bent/broken pretty easily.
  7. Hey thanks everybody! I may attempt to post sound-clips once I get my recording gear situated.

    Can you elaborate on what the George L's would improve on?

    I think I may shift that top row down a bit, but I'm not sure how to tackle that mess around the Xero.
  8. So what if I did:


    I want to keep the B7K at the end of the signal for its EQ and DI.
  9. aphexafx

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    Dec 10, 2013
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    Definitely, have a go at that.

    Have you tried both your TFR and your Duality in front of your Xerograph? Did you prefer the TFR for some reason? I'm asking because I'm dying to try the Duality gated fuzz side with a Xerograph. :D But also, depending on your intended use, the Duality is nice and touchy up front where your fingers can get to it. Perhaps the TFR is too, though.
  10. XXL

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    Jun 14, 2007
    I'd put those pedals in this chain:


    Also I suggest an expression pedal for the Xero, makes it even more awesome.
  11. kevteop


    Feb 12, 2008
    York, UK
    I always prefer filters after dirt. You'll lose some of the envelope effect, but that's what you get with that particular filter. Some filters have either effects loops for housing a fuzz pedal or an 'envelope in' jack so you can still send them a clean signal for operating the envelope follower.
  12. So after some consideration I've decided to go with this setup:


    I was wondering: is it bad to have the patch cables wrapped like that?
  13. eveilleu


    Oct 30, 2013
    Montreal, Qc
    Nice. Did you try the Duality after the VMT ?

    I'd assume as long as you're not making "hard corners" it should be fine. But personally, I'd give them a bit of slack.

  14. No actually I haven't tried that config yet. I'll be sure to try that next! I was thinking the same thing about giving more slack too..
  15. aphexafx

    aphexafx A mind is a terrible thing.

    Dec 10, 2013
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    *looks for Xerograph*
  16. Mosfed

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    Apr 21, 2013
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    I would put the octave before the compressor. And what happened to your filter? I love having a good envelope filter on my board.

  17. Octave before compressor?? I thought after would yield better tracking?
    Yea, I thought I couldn't make it work with the Xero but I'm reconsidering..

    The signal path would then be:

  18. I wouldn't worry about tracking with the octaver until you find that there is a problem with tracking. Also, playing the same thing on different strings/neck position often takes care of tracking issues for me.
  19. rob_thebassman


    Jul 26, 2010
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    sweet set up :)