Thumping slap exercise! (With practice material inside!)

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  1. MarcoToba


    Mar 22, 2019

    Hi! How’s it going?

    In this video, I’m showing a new Thumping exercise (Use the thumb as a pick) on Chic’s “Everbody Dance” intro as an example.

    The key of this technique es having control of all the movements of the thumb, knowing exactly when to do downstrokes and when to do upstrokes (As shown in the pdf attached file) because we will coordinate this strikes with plucks of finger 1 of the right hand to play the top strings and also, we will skip strings with the thumb.

    It’s a great exercise that opens a whole new world of possibilites to use with this technique! Remember that the goal of all the excersises we do is develop them in a musical context, which is exactly where we want to use them. Learning new techniques only playing random notes is like learning difficult words but not knowing where to use them!

    Here's a link where you can download all the practice material, all for free!:

    Hope you like it and grab your bass right now!

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