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Tilt back advice

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Gusset, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Gusset


    Feb 20, 2014
    I have a Markbass CMD-102p. Playing a Chapman Stick through it, both melody and bass sides of the instrument (Stick -> fx -> mixer -> CMD-102p input). Love the amp, but I haven't played out with it and am somewhat new. I have a couple of varieties of venues I'll be playing at in the near future, and am looking for a bit of advice on whether to tilt the amp back, have it flat, or put it on its side.

    #1 is a 35 piece concert/brass band. We'll be on a raised stage in a somewhat largish high school auditorium with a fairly high ceiling. It's an arts center, so I believe the ceiling has acoustic treatment. The amp will be located behind the band, toward one side. No PA. Pretty sure I want to tilt back. Am I correct?

    #2 is a 3 piece (electric guitar/drums/Stick), playing outdoors at a Saturday Market, probably under a canopy. Don't know if it will be on a platform or not. When we practice, we're either in a garage or living room, playing at fairly low volume, and I tilt the amp back, as it sounds best that way. Outdoors, though, I wonder if tilting back will put the sound up more than out toward the audience. Probably no PA, but I'm not certain...the guitar player has a PA he may bring, however I bought this amp in large part so that I wouldn't need to depend on a PA for performances like this where we're trying to be present and accessible but not intrusive.

    What should I consider as I play in less enclosed areas like these?
  2. Not much amp there sir. My brass concert band is half the size of yours and I need two cabs if no PA.

    Outdoors same and fair cranking. Only if there is a full PA with monitoring for bass to the far side, will I tilt.

    Ideally you would invest in the matching 2x10 for stacking vertically. Otherwise I would raise it up in the vertical position a couple of ft, in preference to tilting.

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