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  1. My S/O has shown a recent interest in Bass and wants me to teach her. Ive been playing for 5, almost 6 years and I do believe I have the requisite skills and proper technique to be able to teach someone, I just dont know how to get the info across! She wants to learn one bassline so she can jam to it before she gets into technique and proper playing skills (but I assure her she will need some technique to play Sunshine Of Your Love). Ive successfully taught her the opening line to SOYL and she picked it up pretty fast, the only problem is that she doesnt know any music lingo (however I have taught her some needed terms such as Quarter note, Eighth note, hammer on, pull off, etc..) but its very difficult to translate to laymans terms for the vast majority of the info im giving her. I also feel that its a good idea to not swamp her with loads of proper (might i add boring, especially for a beginner) information right out of the gate so as to not lose interest in her due to her getting bored or burnt out, essentially I dont want it to be like school, I would much rather it be fun, engaging and most importantly an opportunity for her to really get interested and into it. So how do I do this and do it well?

    Thank you!

    I might also should add I have no experience doing this and she will be getting her own bass very soon, but for now she has my small collection to learn on.
  2. Have her sign up for a free account at Talkingbass

    From there she should go to the lesson map. She can watch the videos in the Beginner and Bass Fundamentals categories, but I highly recommend she get started on the Music Theory for Bass as soon as possible. Go thru the lessons as they are laid out and don't progress on until she has a firm grip on the lesson she is studying. This will give her a sound foundation of Intervals, Scales, Chord Construction, etc. Mark is a very good teacher and his lessons are quite comprehensive. He also has a section on Bass Riffs so she could learn some riffs away from the academics. There's enough information on Mark's site to keep her busy for years on her bass journey.

    Best of Luck!
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    Go to post # 4 and 14 in this string: How to get started? Number 14 is a little advanced, feed this to her one bite at a time.

    The R--5-- bassline will help her start playing to the beat of the song. Carol Kay starts her newbye off slapping the beat while listening to a video of the song. The R-5 is an easy next step. R on the A string and the 5 down a string same fret.

    Give here some sheet music and one of the how to get started books. The one you learned on and then you and she start on page # 1. Why? Starting on page one your lesson plan awaits you.

    I recommend the following:
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    1. Go to a print music store
    2. Select your favorite bass method book
    3. Go through the book together