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Tom Kennedy with Weckl last night - WOOOOOW!

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Mike Flynn, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. When I grow up and become a 'proper' bass player - I want to play like Tom Kennedy...

    I saw the man last night at Ronnie Scott's in London and it was just fantastic. Obviously I know Tom's playing from the Weckl band CDs and I have the Drummers Collective 2002 Anniversary thing (which I heartily recommend to anyone who digs Wooten, Patitucci and Kennedy, plus Steve Smith and Gadd) - but hearing Tom and Dave go head to head on some of the deep, deep funk stuff was just awesome. The guy's tone is always sublime, his Fodera makes the most beautifully sweet noises (through an SWR rig), not to mention the B-string (which got used ALOT) was just so fat it made just the two of them sound like a band on their own. Add the incredible keyboard chops of Steve Weingart and sax of Gay Meak and it was one scary gig. The oe overriding factor though was the sheer tightness of the interplay between soloist and backing - I tried listing to all four parts to hear what each of them was reacting to and their thought processes were on some kind of binary warp speed such was their lightneing fast responses to the slightest harmonic/rhythmic motifs that anyone of them threw out.

    Just one other thing is Tom's solos - he really has a unigue style and I can only guess that he has developed by playing upright bass as well. His use of open stings and lots of slurred and syncopated pull-offs is just so effective - he's one of the few bassists who rarely solos 'above' the 12th fret - and when he doubles up his speed he really makes the hairs on your neck stand up - the crowd went nuts for him when he did this, his rolling 32nd note triplets were just breathtaking - and if nothing else it was a lesson in getting to know your finger board at the bottom end as thoroughly as the top - whatever, he was just incredible.

    If any UK TBers are reading this they are there all week doing two sets a night so if you have the time and the opportunity I urge you to check them out - this band are the business.
  2. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
    London, UK
    Am very jealous!

    I kick myself for not seeing them a couple of years ago in Birmingham when we had a 'Ronnie Scott's' up here (also missed Christian McBride :mad: ).

    I'd like to see the Dave Weckl band, but I just can't afford to make the trip down to London for just one gig at the moment. I'm hoping that in 12 months time, I might be moving down to central London - if I do, I'll be spending a lot of time in Ronnie's and the Jazz Cafe!

  3. for a long time I'd really appreciate Ronnie's as a venue - I got the impression a lot of city types went there for a bit of jazz as opposed to serious fans and musicians - but having been a couple of times recently the stage, sound and atmosphere are superb. It's a real shame they shut the birmingham one - if you can make the trip down try and catch some of the other people playing there soon - Stanley Clarke is doing a few nights in July and I think that will be a good one - if just for seeing/hearing a great 'old'-ish bass leg-end.

  4. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
    London, UK
    Stanley Clarke? I'll try to come down for that. Perhaps we could pick a night for some UK TalkBassers to catch the same show?

    I wish Ronnie's was still open in Brum. It's a lap-dance club now. :mad:

    PS. Just checked out your www.ijazz.org site - I like it! Liked the Scofield Trio review - I'm really into this group at the moment (seems they're touring everywhere in Europe this year except the UK :mad: ). I've just registered at the site - keep up the good work! By the way, the standard terms and conditions on the registration form won't display.
  5. Thanks alot dude - and i know about the glitchy pop-up. Unfortunately I have had a myriad of technical issues with the site since I started running it - mainly due to it being a PHP back-end - meaning there are many people who can program this for me and it's the only way to fix things like that! Anyway keep checking out the site and I'm really glad you like the interview - I love doing those!
  6. Lenko


    May 3, 2003
    Tom is one of the best upright players I've ever heard. And definitly my favorite. His can play the same things on upright an bass guitar! :eek: Stunnig. Tom has been my favourite bassist for some time now and I'd really like to see him playing live once.