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Tom Owen Website

Discussion in 'Bows and Rosin [DB]' started by robgrow, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. robgrow

    robgrow Supporting Member

    May 1, 2004
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I noticed the website for Tom Owen bass bows is no longer up. Anyone know if he is still making bows?
  2. Seems like I got one of his flyers a few mos ago. Anyway, here's the contact I have if you want to try him:

  3. Edvin


    Feb 25, 2010
    I tried to send him an email but it bounced right back!
  4. Lcoomber


    Sep 1, 2012
    Tom is not maintaining his website but is still making bows and repairing instruments. Best way to contact him is by calling the phone number that was listed. (580)927-9939.

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