total newb amplification questions

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  1. I'm just getting my feet wet with this whole amplification business. I know next to nothing.

    The main thing I'm wondering is how to approach the levels; I have a preamp with a volume control, and an amp with a volume control and a master control.

    So... which should you adjust when?

    Is there a reasonable starting point?
    (preamp at __, master at __, volume at __)

    Sorry for such basic questions.
  2. What preamp and amp do you use?
    They're not listed in your profile.
  3. Updated my profile, but to save you some time:
    GK 200MB combo amp
    Ehrulnd preamp
    EAP and/or Rev Solo II
  4. Usually, AFAIK, it's best to put the preamp at the maximum gain before distorsion or clipping (occasionnal clipping is okay) to get the best signal/noise ratio.
    You then adjust the master volume on the output to the desired level.
  5. The 200MB has both a volume knob and a master knob. Should the volume be set to as loud as possible without clipping as well, with the master used to set the actual volume?
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    arlington va
    yes, that's the standard procedure.

    The "volume" controle is adjustable because different pickups will have a different output signal. The volume control lets you optimize the preamp for the pickup you're suing, and the master volume sets the overall volume level coming out of the speaker
  7. Got it - thanks!
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