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  1. Just in case you need one, here's a travel bajo quinto. I hadn't ever considered that such an object could exist, but why not? No idea who makes these.

    If you're not familiar with the bajo quinto, they have five courses of strings, and the lowest string in each pair is tuned the same as a standard 5-string bass guitar. The other string in each pair is tuned one octave up.

    The song here is one of many "corridos del coronavirus". The opening words are "el pinche coronavirus". Pinche is a bad word, but appropriate.

    Here's another little baby bajo quinto. It's a beauty. The tone here sounds "small-bodied" but you never know what instrument was used in the studio.

    I hope the pinche virus isn't pinching your life too badly! My biggest issue with it is that it's put an end to in-person visits with my kids because supervised visits are required by court order and nobody is willing to supervise visits in person. Somehow I don't see anything involving kids opening up until the fall at best. I can't be the only divorced dad musician in that position.

    Stay strong! Let low be your instrument's register, not your mood and I'll do the same.

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    Thanks for the travel bajo quinto video, I'd love to have one!
    The usual tuning for this instrument is a2/A1 - d3/D2 - G2/G2 - c3/c3 - f3/f3:
    Bajo Quinto
    So like the topmost five of a BEADGCF seven-string bass, with a low A (same as the 4-string bass low A) as the lowest string (and it and the D doubled an octave above, the rest in unison pairs).
    Disregarding the double course tuning, tuning is the same as capoing a BEADG five-string bass at the 10th fret (but with a longer scale of course: 25.6" rather than 19").
    Thanks for the word "pinche" (my Spanish is in dire need of more essential vocabulary than insults, but I like learning those too).
    Sorry to hear about the kids situation. Be strong, stay strong. :)
  3. Oh, right, I had a couple brain glitches there. It's the bajo sexto that has the low E. But I had completely missed that these instruments have strings tuned in unison in the top 3 courses. Hope I got that right now.
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