Tribute L2K for a Warwick Corvette?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by charliefreak, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Guitar store has a warwick corvette in good condition asking $900. Would it be a good call to trade my G&L L2K tribute for it? It will only take about 300 off the price, so let me know soon! I'm putting money down on it tomorrow morning!

  2. You'd probably get more money from the L2k if you sold it privately, music stores just don't give good trade-in values. After all, they have to mark up your instrument and try to make some money from it...
    By the same token, you might find a used Corvette for less than $900 by private sale. For instance, there's a Corvette standard in the San Francisco Bay area for $450(!) on craigslist. Add $50 for shipping and you get to keep the Tribute!
  3. that makes sense bro. I however, it is hard to gaurantee the quaility of something like that and I've heard that bubinga wood can be easily damaged. I understand that for somethings it is best to use private onling dealers, but as far as bass goes, I am a man who needs to touch it first. you know? One of those things. I'll definitely try to sell the G&L privately though. that's a good call! thanks a lot man!!
  4. Side question - is the Corvette you're looking at the doublebuck version?
  5. sorry man. I should have been more specific. It's a corvette standard bubinga 4 string.
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    Jul 2, 2004
    Definitely try to sell your bass rather than trading it in. Putting it up on your local craigslist is a good start. Throwing it up on the Talkbass classifieds would open up your sale to all the fine folks here.

    I may be interested as well… PM me if you're interested in selling, I'm local. No promises, but I'll give it a look.
  7. Back to the "buy private" argument:

    There' a website known as "Phatduckk" that searches for gear on craigslist in multiple cities (see link below):

    You can select the areas nearest you, type in "warwick corvette" (or whatever you're looking for), and see if anything is available locally.
    Last night I searched for Warwick Corvettes across the country, found a couple nasty good deals; I know you want to keep local, but it's fun to look!