Trying to figure out my doubling chain

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  1. Jay Corwin

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    So I'm going to be doubling for the first time soon. I've been experimenting with A/B switching. What I am thinking about doing is running an A/B switch between the fender and the upton, but running all of the pedals/pre's that I would use in a single chain. I would then just switch off the section I need when I switch instruments. Do you guys see any problems with this?

    Basically I'll run what's shown as my UPRIGHT SIGNAL CHAIN until it's bass guitar time. Then I'll mute, click off the three components in that chain, switch to channel B, switch on the VT bass, then unmute.

  2. You might consider something like this alternative. This way when switching, you don't have to worry about switching your upright bass effects off/on.

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  3. Jeff Bonny

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    As little processing on the DB as you can get away with. The more options you’ve got the more problems you may think you can solve but on stage it often means more problems you can create.

    Keep the two signal chains completely separate except for the tuner. Any shared eq brings the potential to have to compromise one sound for the other.

    edit. Just to be clear I meant the only thing between the A/B box and the amp would be the tuner.
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  4. Pat Harris

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    If you can, and this is a big *if*, send two lines/channels to the FOH. You can sum whatever you want to your amp on stage to monitor with, but send two independent and dedicated channels to the main mixing console. If you were switching between a P-bass and a J-bass, I'd say, "yes, just A/B box them and call it good," but the sonic differences between UB and BG are huge. Even if you're sending a summed signal at unity gain, the processing out front to make you sound your best is going to be very different for UB and BG because they sit so differently in a mix.
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  5. Jay Corwin

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    My upright chain isn't changing regardless of how I factor in the fender. The setup I've been using has become my swiss army knife.

    I was initially keeping them separate as you suggest. was hoping to maybe simplify a bit.
  6. Jay Corwin

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Sanborn, NY
    Excellent point. I hadn't considered the FOH potential issue. This is new territory for me.