Two basses - two different string scale lengths

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    Looking for input. My Shen is 41 inch scale length and I just got a great deal on a NS EUB with a 41.73 scale length. Should I move the bridge back on the Shen (which could impact the tone) to have one scale length or just try to adjust to the two different lengths. Not doing orchestra stuff, but in various projects I do jazz (regular upright) , experimental or free music (either could work), and R&B influenced rock latin jam grateful dead type stuff in another. Has anybody else faced this issue of two small lengths and should I change the Shen or do you think I will adjust over time. Thanks for you input.
  2. I won't unless you know how the sound post work in relation and how it affects the top. I would take it to a luthier. If you don't know what you are doing the top could collapse
  3. I play different scale lengths 38 and 41 and I am blessed to have the ability to seamlessly adjust between the two even in the same gig. But it took some time for my hands and muscle to remember where I am when I switch. It gets harder in thumb position . I have adjusted the heights of the endpin, so I can adjust. The shorted scale fits inside the longer scale in relation to my body.
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  4. Each bass has a specific scale length. This length can be slightly changed during adjustment, this is done to adjust the bass, and not for convenience. Get used to the length of the string your bass is designed for.
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    I have one bass with 41.5", and one with 42". No issues switching between the two.