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University/College Rigs... How about you?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jamersonburton, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. jamersonburton


    Jul 22, 2011
    I wasn't too sure where this belonged... But i was wondering what you guys who are/used to be in university and college had as your bass(es) and amp(s). I know that many students have little income so what was your main bass/amp/strings which you would use at the time?
  2. I'm in college now and I own (and have paid for myself):

    Fender USA Jazz
    Fender "Black Label" P-bass
    Carvin BX1200 + Carvin 410 + Carvin 115
    MXR Bass Octave Deluxe
    MXR Analog Chorus

    On the way:

    A custom fretless bass by Krappy guitars.
  3. Meddle


    Jul 27, 2009
    I'm just finishing up my MSc in Geographical Information Systems... my poverty rig is as follows....

    Dearmond Jetstar II bass
    Torque T100BX amp
    DIY/homebrew cables (spliced and soldered).
    £5 roundwounds from Cash Converters
    A variety of pedals I accumulated over the last few years.
    Godlyke power supply.

    As soon as I get a job my rig will not know what has hit it. I understand some college students have money, but I've never had enough to splash out on anything of any great quality. I also don't have any transportation and most venues here have a DI policy (and ok sound systems) so I DI'd my bass 90% of the gigs I played in my undergraduate years. If you do a MSc and can find the time to rehearse steadily with a band then hats off to you.
  4. 66Atlas


    May 19, 2012
    I took my Lummie Kramer (DMZ 6000) since it was zero maintenance and a headphone amp. Of course I wasnt playing in a band at the time so no need for anything else. In the 7 years I was there I probably bought a couple of batteries and never changed my strings :D
  5. chris1125


    May 14, 2007
    Have you ever played a krappy bass? How do they compare to a wishbass?
  6. samurai1993


    Jun 6, 2010
    A Frankenbass composed of:
    • Geddy Lee Neck, refinished in nitro
    • Fender Original Jazz Bass pup's
    • a custom circuit that I designed in my spare time
    • a chinese high mass bridge (waiting for a Babicz to swap it)
    • a Jazz Bass body made by a local luthier, made of "Lenga Patagonica", with a orange translucent color, finished in nitro

    That's my main one, looking for parts to build a beater bass :ninja: it's going to be something like:
    • Squier body, classic vibe jazz bass, olympic white (on the way)
    • mighty mite neck
    • Badass II bridge that is on its way to here also :hyper:
    • some cheap pickups, artec, wilkinson, you know

    Basically it's an stripped down version of the first bass, I'm really a Jazz Bass guy so I'm fine with 2 dogs that do the same tricks :D
    My practice combo is an ibanez soundwave, 30-ish watts. I haven't played live since I entered Med School, but I think I would do the same thing that I did while in high school: Behringer BDDI, and straight to the mix. Cheap an reliable :D
  7. Biggbass


    Dec 14, 2011
    Planet Earth
    I had a rig back then...played gigs and played in the school "stage band"
  8. PBnJBassist


    Mar 8, 2011
    Dallas, TX
    Finishing up my BAS in accounting and soon to pursue a Masters. Also working on getting certifications... My gear is on my sig, but here it is anyway:

    Modded Fender Mark Hoppus Bass (shell pink w/GHS flats and MIM Precision Special rosewood neck)
    Modded Fender Mark Hoppus Bass (daphne blue w/D'Addario Chrome flats and Fender MIM Classic '50s neck)
    Modded Fender Mark Hoppus Bass (surf green w/Rotosound 77 flats and stock neck)
    Modded Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass (natural wood w/Detroit flats, Fender Modern Player Jaguar neck, and Japanese pickups - not sure of what type though - the luthier I go to suspects they are MIJ standard alnico V pups)
    Acoustic B200H with two Acoustic B115s and a Hartke Bass Attack preamp.

    All of my basses were acquired AFTER I switched jobs and all have a Hipshot A-style bridge. The amps I obtained while working at Target for barely over 8Gs a year, and during that time, my main keepers were 2 Squier Classic Vibe basses - the jazz and precision. Changed jobs so I can continue my education and pay back those student loans quicker! ...and feed my GAS.
  9. boristhespider9


    Sep 9, 2008
    My bass rig in college was a Carvin Pro Bass 500 watt full-stack. I don't own it anymore, but even today where can you realistically get more value for your money than Carvin amps? A ton of power, made in the USA, and totally solid construction for very little money relatively speaking. It was a very solid college rig that saw some great action. If I ever turned it past 3 or 4, the entire venue would shake.

    For my bass, I saved for a Fender American Standard Jazz in Sunburst (1994), but also had an Arctic White MIJ fretless Jazz (and few Ibanez basses came in and out the door). I treated my MIA Jazz like gold because it was hard work saving for that thing and I appreciated it -- probably more than I appreciate the numerous nice basses I have now since money is less of an issue. There's something to saving up for that one nice setup and being really proud of what you earned. In a strange way, I kind of miss that feeling now that college is long in the past and I have a surplus of gear even though I still gig! Now I have a hard time deciding which rig and bass to bring to the gig when before there was no question!
  10. samurai1993


    Jun 6, 2010
    lots of mark hoppus love there :D
  11. Hapa


    Apr 21, 2011
    Tustin, CA
    I had a MM jazz when they were $799 new and a Yamaha BB-N5A for my basses. I had Eden 2 x 410XST driven with WT-800 in a rack, with an Aphex 201, BBE 882i, Korg RT-2000. I was going to Berklee and aiming to play out with bands.

    Practice wise I still have a Roland cube 15 GTR amp with an ART tube pre into the Aux in.

    Strings...Its when I switched to DR. From D'Addario and elixers. Never EB strings
  12. D.M.N.

    D.M.N. (O)))) Supporting Member

    Oct 6, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    My rig at college:

    Fender AVRI 62 Precision
    Fender AVRI 62 Jazz bass (soon to have a Dauget Guitars Bi-sonic pickup in it)
    Sunn 200s
    Ampeg B25 cab with Altec 418s

    Hard labour pays. I'm currently undecided, but will probably study history and German.
  13. jamersonburton


    Jul 22, 2011
    Not only is it interesting to see what people owned but also to see what they were/are majoring in. i dont know what i want to do for undergrad at the moment but i know i want to be a lawyer and apply those skills somewhere in the music business. Ill probably end up using the same rig: Squier matt freeman pbass, spb3, fender rumble 15. that is unless i start doing gigs.
  14. pastorjamesc

    pastorjamesc Cheap Ability, Expensive Taste Commercial User

    Jun 26, 2012
    Waco Texas
    Owner/Operator of Cotten Patch Sound Design. Burns of London Guitars and Basses retail. I do sound design, resetting, and education for churches, organizations, and small venues with no Sound personnel. Studio for "self-produced" rental use.
    A Kramer DMZ5000 Bass.
    I went to a school at the time, for Sound Technology and country Bluegrass performance they had way better school rigs than anything I could afford so I didn't bother...LOL

    I quit to play with a band...Didn't last! Next time I went college I took a 4 year old instead of a bass!
  15. Bradass


    Oct 17, 2011
    Tallahassee, FL
    I'm going into my last year of law school...I have

    Markbass LittleMark Tube 800
    GK 410 Neo
    Fender Bassman compact 115 (old as ****!)
    Zoom B3 (my newest toy...only $75 on amazon after I used credit I got from trading in old textbooks)
    A cheap Dean acoustic 5 string that I use as a practice bass
    And I'm still rocking my first bass from 12 years ago, a Peavey Fury 5 with a badass sunburst quilt top.

    GASing hard right now for a new bass to take it to the next level. Saving mode!
  16. I run the basses in my signature through a TC Electronic Polytune/Tech 21 VT Deluxe/Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi/Markbass Compressore/Boss ME-50B/Digitech Bass Synth Wah/Boss PW-10 into a Fender TV Bassman Duo 10. I may be a college student, but I started collecting my rig 8 years ago. I worked two jobs in high school, one for savings and one for bass gear :bassist:
  17. Tostitos


    Jan 27, 2011
    Pullman, WA
    I'm finishing up the last year and a half of my BFA and currently using:

    Fender MIM Precision
    SSD NS-94
    A wonky looking, no-name fretless
    Markbass Little Mark II
    Carvin BR210 2x10 cab

    Hopefully I'll have more spare time to jam and play out more next semester. Lately I've been spending way way too much time in the studio.
  18. I'm at college, so what I use is mostly take the remains of other people.
    Anyway, my rig is:

    An Epiphone Les Paul Special that I bought this summer
    A Jay Turser JTB-401M, a Precision copy that I love (remains from my cousin)
    A Zoom B1 for the effects
    and a couple practice amps that aren't good at all.
    I'm saving for a decent amp, then I'll start a good pedalboard.
  19. bw79072


    Nov 11, 2010

    Sounds like SPC in Levelland, TX
  20. pastorjamesc

    pastorjamesc Cheap Ability, Expensive Taste Commercial User

    Jun 26, 2012
    Waco Texas
    Owner/Operator of Cotten Patch Sound Design. Burns of London Guitars and Basses retail. I do sound design, resetting, and education for churches, organizations, and small venues with no Sound personnel. Studio for "self-produced" rental use.
    Yep. '86-87

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